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The Bachelorette

Is Bachelor Pad’s Kalon McMahon Already Over Lindzi Cox? — Exclusive

When Kalon McMahon said he was sincerely falling for Lindzi Cox on Bachelor Pad this season, we wanted to believe it. We were hopeful that the Bachelorette bad boy – who infamously referred to Emily Maynard’s daughter as “baggage” – was finally changing his ways. And how cute was his move on the last episode when, after being voted out, he and Lindzi left the mansion in separate limos, only for him to suddenly stop his car in the driveway and jump into hers?

Yesterday, however, Reality Steve reported that since filming wrapped the couple hasn’t been doing so hot. Shortly after – in what seemed to be a move to refute Steve’s post – Kalon tweeted two lovey-dovey photos of him and Lindz at the beach.

What gives? We consulted some of our best Bachelor Pad insiders for the real scoop.

The verdict: Lindzi, we hate to say it, but it sounds like you’ll be back on the market real soon.

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“Kalon’s been telling people that while he had a good time with Lindzi on the show, he’s not ready for a long distance girlfriend,” a source close to Kalon tells Wetpaint Entertainment. “She lives in Seattle and he’s in Houston and he says he doesn’t see how it would work.”

“In fact,” the source continues, “he’s been out with several women since the show wrapped. He was even spotted holding hands with one at a recent movie premiere in LA. You don’t do that if you’re serious about someone else.”

So what’s the story with the new photos he tweeted? “Physically, yes, they’re together right now,” the source explains. “They’re both in LA because the cast taped the finale Sunday. I’m pretty sure they hooked up later that night.”

“Since then, Kalon’s been staying in a place at the beach and Lindzi’s there with him. But once they both fly home, I don’t see him staying committed to her. When he talks about it, he sounds over the whole thing.”

That’s a shame and we’re completely bummed out. But, hey, they were cute while they lasted… and we know Lindzi won’t have any trouble finding someone new!