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The Bachelorette

Report: Emily Maynard Was “Miserable” in Africa — Calls Jef Holm “Bore-mon”

Emily Maynard and Jef Holm have been dealing with a media sh*t storm since news of Emily's alleged cyber-cheating broke last week, and a recent story by Us Weekly sheds more light on their complicated relationship.

According to Us, Emily and Jef have been having problems since their trip to Ghana, where the happy couple were "distant," and Em hid out in an airconditioned room to watch Bachelor Pad. The source says: "she was miserable."

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After Em and Jef returned from their trip (they only had great things to say about the experience, by the way), they hit up the wedding of Bachelorette producers Cassie Lambert and Peter Scaletter. Despite a series of cute photos, Us Weekly's sources say "Emily was being friendly with other guys," causing Jef to spiral into a fit of jealousy. "He stormed off to the car," sources say.

Apparently, Emily is fed up with Jef, and even said he's "not a mormon, he's a bore-mon." Sob, we don't have enough tear ducts in our body to handle these emotions!

Now before you spiral into a weeping fit, remember that these could just be rumors. In fact, according to Emily's twitter she hasn't even seen Bachelor Pad ("And for all of you watching Bachelor Pad, take it easy on@chrisjbukowski ! I haven't seen it yet, but I promise he's a sweet guy!"), which disproves the story about her behavior in Africa.

Do you think Em and Jef's relationship will make it through these rough times? Hit the comments and dish!