Ryan Edwards Wants Joint Custody of Bentley in Teen Mom’s Series Finale
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Teen Mom

Ryan Edwards Wants Joint Custody of Bentley in Teen Mom’s Series Finale

Let's get real, you guys. Baby Bentley is the cutest kid on the planet and everyone wants in on the action. It's no wonder Maci and Ryan can't get along when it comes to their custody agreement!

As of now, Maci and her tobacco chewin' baby daddy have an informal custody arrangement, but Ryan doesn't think he and Bentley get enough hang time, and he wants to fight for the right to partay! And when we say party, we're obviously referring to the Thomas The Tank Engine party Ryan throws Bents for his birthday.

Speaking of Bentley's big day, poor Maci is super sad that she isn't spending time with her kiddo, and it looks like she's peeved with Ryan for not sharing. Meanwhile, Ryan's mad at Maci, and he decides to meet with a lawyer to discuss the possibility of 50/50 custody. Ryan's lawyer isn't thrilled with the fact that Maci and Kyle are living together unmarried, and it looks like he'll stop at nothing to break them apart.

Pshhhh, ain't no thing, y'all! Maci isn't worried about Ryan's sleuthing, even when he shows up at her door and asks for Bentley's birth certificate. Either way, it looks like Ryan will back down — especially when his girlfriend, Dalis, reminds him that they'll never be able to live together if Kyle and Maci are forced apart.

In other news, this is Maci's last episode of Teen Mom, and we're officially on the floor sobbing into a bag of knockoff Cheetos. Let's just say we're going to dye our hair the color of Tang in her honor.

Do you think Maci should get a spin-off show? Dish you thoughts on her emotional good-bye in the comments!

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