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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Sheree Whitfield’s Top 5 Most Memorable Moments on The Real Housewives of Atlanta

Sheree Whitfield has been bringing it to The Real Housewives of Atlanta for four fabulous seasons and by "it," we mean an insatiable appetite for fitness, killer arms, gauzy dresses, and a militant refusal to back down from a fight.

So, now that Sheree has departed the Hotlanta Housewife nest, we decided to compile our Top 5 Most Memorable Sheree Moments. Without further ado:

5. Here Comes the Bridesmaid

Since she was the one to bring fellow Small Kim Zolciak and footballer beau Kroy Biermann together at the Dancing with the Atlanta Stars event, Sheree was the first H'wife who got to hear the news of Kim's engagement. After flashing that enormous rock, and much mutual squealing and jumping, Kim kindly asked Sheree to be one of her bridesmaids. Aww, we guess deep down, Andy Cohen's Housewife harpies really do love each other.

4. Water Works

Um, we're pretty sure every divorcee across the country cheered when Sheree, in a fit of frustration over not being payed the child support she was owed, flung the contents of a water bottle in ex-hubby Bob Whitfield's face. Yikes! Hell hath no fury like a woman who can't pay for her Vuitton.

3. Tierra's (Almost) Engagement

Season 4 boasted a lot of diamond rings for Sheree, and among them was one for her daughter, Tierra. Unfortunately, coming off a messy divorce wasn't the best time for Sheree to be offering her daughter congratulations. So, while having the talk, Sheree not-so-delicately reminded Tierra where her dreams of wedded bliss could end up — in the gutter.

For good measure, she assured Tierra's boyfriend that a diamond under three carats would be unacceptable for a Whitfield lady. Good work, Sheree. You've put off their impending nuptials for at least another five years.

2. The Wig Shift

Who could forget Kim's "Season 1" wigs? They were a far cry from the lush, human hair wigs she sports today, and the plastic-looking Barbie hair was a huge source of hilarity for the other ladies. So, when a blow-up erupted between Sheree, NeNe Leakes, Kim, and Michael Lohan (what?!), Sheree just couldn't help herself from giving Kim's wig a nice, firm tug, while reminding her that her own hair was all weave, baby. Of course, Sheree later claimed she wasn't trying to rip Kim's wig off her head. She merely wanted to give it a little shift back into place. Thanks for looking out, Sheree.

1. Who Gon' Check Me Boo?

Of course, Sheree's Number One moment on the show HAS to be her blow-up with party planner Anthony, who made arguably the biggest mistake of his professional career by challenging Sheree Whitfield on event services.

When a meeting between the two escalated, he freshly remarked that she better watch herself before she gets checked, to which Sheree, cool as a Southern belle in 65 degree air-conditioning, breezily replied, "Who gonna check me, boo?" Cue autotuned remixes of the now-ubiquitous catch phrase taking the interwebz by storm.

Thanks for serving up four sassy seasons, Sheree. We'll miss you!

08.29.2012 / 10:30 PM EDT by Mariella Mosthof
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