Spoiler Clip of Bones Season 8: Brennan Calls Booth a Quitter! (VIDEO)

Bones Season 8 is quickly approaching, but if September 17 seems too long to wait, allow us to help tide you over with this new spoiler clip of next season. Judging from Brennan's hair color, we're assuming that this clip featuring she and Booth (David Boreanaz) is from one of those four bonus episodes that will be sprinkled in with this season. If anything, we know for a fact it's not from the premiere, since Brennan is 1. brunette again and 2. seemingly back at work consulting with the FBI.

In the clip, B and B are back to their witty banter, and talking in a weird extended sports metaphor. Brennan calls Booth a quitter, and then proceeds to slap him on the butt. Ah, we missed these two!

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08.29.2012 / 02:03 AM EDT by Beth Douglass
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