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Teen Mom

Tyler Baltierra Deals With His Raging Anger Issues in Teen Mom’s Series Finale

Can you believe Teen Mom is already over? It seems like just yesterday that Catelynn pushed the fruit out of her looms, and we can hardly believe her daughter is living happily ever after with her adoptive parents.

Sure, it was rough at first (what with Butch's mullet flying into an emotional tizzy and braiding itself), but Cate and Ty have matured so much since they gave up their darling daughter.

Of course, these two still have to act as faux-parents to Catelynn's brother, Nick, who they decide to babysit so Cate's mom, April, can have some alone time. Unfortunately, Tyler has a temper tantrum when one of his adorable dogs poops all over the floor, causing Nick to break down into a fit of tears and ennui. Awww, little dude! Sigh, if only Tyler's best friend, Batman, was here to save the day.

Luckily, Tyler is aware that he has a temper problem, and he's willing to work on it. In fact, he even books himself an appointment with a therapist and apologizes to his doggie! Tyler heads to his shrink's office to chat about his anger issues, and after a fit of ugly-crying (read: handsome-crying), he realizes that his problems stem from his fraught relationship with Butch "I Ain't Juicin'" Baltierra.

Looks like it's time for Tyler to let his Big Poppa go, so he and Catelynn climb up a random mountain in sub-zero temperatures, pen Butch a goodbye letter, and chat about their life. Aww, these two. We'll miss them so much — but we know they'll live happily ever after 'til the end of time.

Do you think Tyler was too harsh with his dad? Hit the comments and pour your Teen Mommy hearts out!

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