Alex McCord Calls BS on LuAnn’s RHONY Cheating Scandal (VIDEO)
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Real Housewives of New York

Alex McCord Calls BS on LuAnn’s RHONY Cheating Scandal (VIDEO)

Is the Countess using her St. Barts cheating story for camera time?

That’s what LuAnn de Lesseps’s frenemy and former Real Housewives of New York co-star Alex McCord says in a new vlog recap for RumorFix. The former RHONY star explored LuAnn’s cheating scandal from this week’s episode (Season 5, Episode 13: “Pirate Booty Call”) and called the “Chic C’est la Vie” songstress out for playing up the whole thing for the cameras.

“After 5 years on a reality show she knows good and well how to have a private conversation if she needs to,” Alex explains. “She could text her friend Cat. She could email her.”

“Her French was so slow on the phone,” Alex continued. I think that's so everyone would be easy on the subtitling. She wanted to be overheard.”

“I think Luann is fishing for storyline here.”

Whoa! That’s a pretty big accusation for Alex to throw against her former co-star. While Alex may know the ins and outs of the reality TV world, LuAnn may not take kindly to being called a faker. Alex does explain that she doesn’t think that fishing for a storyline is a big deal (we’re sure she’s seen plenty of it in her four years on RHONY) but that doesn’t soften the accusation.

Then again, Alex does have a point. If LuAnn did want to be really secretive, she would have called her friend Carole off-camera. While she did speak to her friend in French, it isn’t as if French is a secret language that cameras can’t pick up — she knew her lie would be revealed eventually.

Plus, LuAnn recently revealed that she told Jacques about what had happened that that they are still “in love and happy.” We love Jacques, but we don’t think that even he would be strong enough to watch his girlfriend get painted as a cheater on nation TV … unless he was in on the ruse.

What do you think? Did LuAnn create the cheating scandal for camera time or not?

Watch Alex’s full vlog below.

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Source: RumorFix

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