Glee Season 4: Puck’s Brother Is Damaged — and a Total “Heartbreaker”
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Glee Season 4: Puck’s Brother Is Damaged — and a Total “Heartbreaker”

Ladies of McKinley High School, consider yourselves warned. Puck’s (Mark Salling) younger half brother is coming to Glee Season 4, and he’s going to be a heartbreaker.

Jacob Artist (Jake Puckerman) recently sat down with E! News to give the inside scoop on what to expect about his new character, and it sounds like we’re in for a bit of trouble.

“He definitely is a Puckerman in the sense that he has an attitude problem,” Jake says. “So we’ll see if that gets in the way of his journey with the glee club. He’s guarded, and he has his walls up. He’s a heartbreaker.”

Yet Puck 2.0 doesn’t simply act the way he does for the sake of causing trouble. Jake explains, “Bad boys aren’t necessarily born as bad boys, there’s usually circumstances or things that kind of lead up to that. I kind of have been taking it from that approach.”

Considering what we learned last season about Puck and his deadbeat dad, it doesn’t surprise us to hear that Jake might not come from a stable and supportive home.

That said, this Glee newbie is going to be more than just your average, stereotypical bad boy. “He has a lot of layers, and it’s definitely been fun exploring that,” Jake says.

Okay. Now down to the really important question. More than anything else, people remember Puck for that almost-iconic mohawk of his. So will the younger Puckerman be sharing his older bro’s signature ‘do?

Survey says... don’t count on it.

“I think this is the extent of it,” Jake says, referring to his super-short locks. “I used to have really long hair. Well, not really long, but longer — but this is the shortest I’ve ever had. But they cut it and I love it. It’s very Puck.”

“Very Puck?” Hmm. “[It’s very] Jake Puckerman, we’ll say that. Not quite Noah Puckerman mohawk status, but...”

Source: E! News on YouTube

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