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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Real Housewives’ Taylor Armstrong: Camille Grammer Wasn’t Faking Her Divorce Drama

Camille Grammer isn’t saying much in response to the lengthy Oprah’s Next Chapter interview her ex-husband, Kelsey Grammer, gave recently, but her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-star Taylor Armstrong sure is.

Taylor appeared on Showbiz Tonight to respond to several of Kelsey’s accusations about his marriage to and tumultuous divorce from Camille.

On Kelsey’s suggestion that the marriage was “over before it started”: “Thirteen years? ‘It was over before it began?’ I mean, I stayed in my marriage far, far too long. My marriage was very different than theirs. I find it really hard to believe that someone with the financial resources and all of the access that Kelsey had would stay in a marriage for 13 years if it were truly over. It makes no sense to me.”

On Kelsey’s statement that Camille has been telling their children “bad things” about him: “From the beginning of all of this happening, Camille has been so upset about the fact that she has not had direct communication with Kelsey. … I don’t understand why he would be saying this because Camille has been very adamant about that with me.”

On Kelsey’s accusation that Camille’s surprise over the split was a “show” for the cameras: “Our show is very real, and this was not staged. Kelsey would never have agreed to stage something like this. I think that this is all untrue. I don’t believe this for one minute.”

Taylor also said she hopes that the two can come to a peaceful resolution for the sake of the children. “I don’t know Kelsey, but I know that Camille is most concerned about anything about how her children are going to be co-parented, and I really hope that they can open up these lines of communication and be an effective family. … Camille’s happy, she has a life of her own now,” she said.

Source: HLN TV

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