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Revenge Season 2: 5 Storylines That Could Resurface

Revenge does a fantastic job of developing its sexy (and often evil) characters and their twisted stories, but there are a few loose ends we’d like to see tied up in Season 2.

Here are our five favorites:

5. Declan Porter’s Yonkers Friend Jaime

Charlotte Grayson didn’t take too kindly to her former flame, Declan Porter, getting friendly with curly-haired Yonkers cutie Jaime Cardaci. Though the two were only friends — as far as we could tell — Declan and Jaime made a pretty cute couple.

The youngest Grayson seemed to scare Jaime off at the end of the season when she shared scandalous photos of the Yonkers native macking on a former professor with the entire class, but we’d like to see this feisty youngster make a comeback, Revenge style.

4. Jack Porter’s Ex-Girlfriend Ky

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After Amanda Clarke and before Fauxmanda Clarke, Montauk hottie Jack Porter was dating a young, wannabe-ladder-climber named Ky. She’s not quite Ashley Davenport status, but she was pretty desperate to get out of town. So desperate, in fact, that she kissed Nolan Ross right in front of Jack!

We weren’t her biggest fan, but the drama she drummed up was pretty juicy.

3. Ashley Davenport and Conrad Grayson Sitting in a Tree

This one has a total gross factor, but we felt some sparkage between Conrad Grayson and his wife’s favorite party planner last season. Think about it: Conrad’s at the top of the Hamptons’ food chain and Ashley’s desperate to get there. It sounds like a match made in twisted heaven to us.

2. Therapist Michelle Banks

Dr. Michelle Banks was privy to the scandalous inner workings of the Hamptons elite until was leaked at a major mother-daughter event. Emily Thorne’s connection to Dr. Banks was a bit more personal since she was the one who kept Emily (then-Amanda) from her father before he died.

With a grudge that personal, things could get pretty saucy come Season 2!

1. Daniel Grayson’s Waitress Ex-Girlfriend, Sara

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In the show’s third episode, “Betrayal,” a waiter named Patrick smashed Daniel Grayson’s expensive windshield with a golf club. At first we thought the boy had gone temporarily insane, but we quickly learned that Patrick’s sister Sara was seriously injured in a car accident with Danny boy.

Emily Thorne convinced Daniel to visit Sara, and though he said his former flame wasn’t particularly happy to see him, we’d like to know more about their back story.

What are you most excited to see in Revenge Season 2? Weigh in below!

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