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Revenge’s Madeleine Stowe: “When I Walk Down the Street, People Are Really Terrified”

In the Hamptons, Victoria Grayson reigns supreme. Her parties are legendary, her home is immaculate, and her family is picture perfect (at first glance.)

But Hamptons residents (and obsessive Revengers like us) know that Queen Victoria is not someone to mess with. She could easily destroy anyone who gets on her bad side — just ask Lydia Davis — and we’re pretty sure she survived a plane explosion. Basically, she kicks as much ass as Emily Thorne — without the actual physical violence.

But what about her real-life counterpart, Madeleine Stowe? This Golden Globe-nominated actress couldn’t be further from her icy character.

“I’m nothing like Victoria,” Madeleine told “I’m actually very shy and very introverted, which is why I disappeared from Hollywood for so long.”

Madeleine may have disappeared from the spotlight, but she claims that it’s fans of the show who disappear when she’s around!

“When I walk down the street, people are really terrified of me now,” she said. “Playing a villain is so much more interesting than playing the roles I've played before, which is usually the heroine of the story or the tortured love interest. Victoria is a piece of work, which is great fun and something to sink my teeth into.”

Unfortunately, this new interview didn’t feature any spoilerific details on Victoria’s current status, but multiple cast members have hinted (if not flat-out admitted) that she will be back in Season 2.

“She’s not dead,” actor Josh Bowman told E! News back in June. “You can’t kill off Victoria!”

We couldn’t agree more.

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08.30.2012 / 01:13 AM EDT by Rachel McRady
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