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Jersey Shore

The Situation Claims He Gave Up Sex for 80 Days to Lose Post-Rehab Weight

GTL, it does a body good.

It’s no secret that the The Situation entered rehab earlier this year to receive treatment for an addiction to prescription drugs. However, you wouldn’t have known that The Sitch was dealing with inner turmoil if you judged his rockin’ bod during filming of Jersey Shore Season 6 (which took place right after he completed his inpatient treatment). So, how did The Sitch go from detoxed drab to filming fab? Allow him to tell you!

"I trained for 80 days for it so I was jacked,” The Situation told a fellow contestant on Celebrity Big Brother earlier this week. "[It was] the best I've ever looked. I'm talking like Rocky 4."

"Eighty days straight, twice a day no cookies, cakes, Doritos, no snacks, no women - 80 days.”

While ditching the Doritos sounds like a surefire way to get lose some weight, we don’t really understand how women would keep Mike from reaching his fitness goals. What’s a better motivator for staying in shape then a beautiful woman? Plus, you know what can really help you burn calories...

Either way, we can’t deny that The Situation looked hot when he was filming Season 6.

Jersey Shore Season 6 will premiere on Thursday, October 4 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

Source: Celebrity Big Brother (via Examiner)

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