“Things Just Went From Worse to Worser” Quotes From Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Summer Finale
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Pretty Little Liars

“Things Just Went From Worse to Worser” Quotes From Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Summer Finale

Pretty Little Liars proves that anyone can lie, but it takes practice to do it with style. We've rounded up the 10 best quotes from this week’s summer finale, Season 3, Episode 12: “The Lady Killer,” including Spencer proving to be Sharon Stone’s number one fan.

10. Hanna: “Paige wasn’t in Spanish today. Yo hablo sicko.”
Hanna might want to master English first before trying to pick up additional languages.

9. Emily [about the girls thinking Paige killed Maya]: “Are you out of your friggin’ minds?”
We thought that the only people who are out of their minds are in Radley.

8. Hanna [about Paige]: “[Emily] finally gets over Maya, and now she’s stuck with some twisted, psycho bitch.”
In the court of Hanna, you’re a psycho bitch until proven innocent.

7. Emily: “You scared me half to death!”
Nate: “Not really, but I will.”
Apparently, Nate doesn’t get what a figure of speech is.

6. Hanna [to Spencer, after expressing doubt that Paige is “A”]: “This is a practice run.”
Hanna is saving her effort for the real thing.

5. Spencer: “Drugging yourself is the best alibi ever classic Sharon Stone move. Remember that movie Basic Instinct?”
Aria and Hanna: “No.”
Speaking of Basic Instinct, we’re just glad “A” hasn’t tried killing anyone with an ice pick yet.

4. Hanna: “I get Mona being fashionably late, but Paige?”
Punctuality is important, even if you’re a deranged stalker.

3. Hanna: “Does three messages and six texts make me a stalker?”
That definitely puts Hanna on the border of “persistent” and “recipient of a restraining order.”

2. Hanna: “I almost killed you!”
Caleb: “With a pink furry lamp?”
It would be the cutest murder weapon ever.

1. Hanna: “Things just went from worse to worser.”
Spencer: “That’s not a word, but continue.”
Hanna’s quotes go from hilarious to hilariouser.

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