Was Gary Shirley Wrong to Throw Leah a Party and Not Invite Amber?
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Teen Mom

Was Gary Shirley Wrong to Throw Leah a Party and Not Invite Amber?

There was trouble in Uggtacular paradise during the final episode of Teen Mom, and we're still recovering from the emotional strain. We couldn't believe our eyes when Gary Shirley threw Leah a birthday party knowing full well that Amber couldn't be there. The nerve!

Don't forget that Amber and Gary had privately agreed to throw Leah a party after their no-contact order was lifted, and it appears that Gary went back on their word out of spite. Of course, little Leah deserves some kind of celebration with Gary Bear on her big day, but he could have had a simple acoustic guitar jam session like a normal person, and saved the big "to-do" for Ambs.

It looks like Gary let his jealousy over Amber's new boy-toy guide his emotions, which isn't necessarily in Leah's best interests. After all, this gal deserved to have both her parents show up for her princess-themed soiree!

Do you think it was wrong of Gary to throw Leah a party without Amber, or does he have the right to do whatever he wants with his own time?

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