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What Made Alexander Skarsgard Nervous on the Set of Battleship?

Alexander Skarsgard may exude confidence, but in his most recent film, Battleship, he couldn’t calm his nerves.

"I've never worked on a movie this big before, and I was honest with [director Peter Berg]," Alex revealed in E! Online’s exclusive Battleship bonus feature clip. "I said, 'I'm nervous! The scope of the movie, is that going to infringe on my creativity?’ ... And he just laughs and he was like, 'Don't worry — it's very organic and very playful and creative.'"

While the sexy True Blood actor has nearly bared it all and sunk his fake fangs into many necks over the years, Battleship was a whole new world for him. In addition to being nervous, he was also completely in awe of the people around him and the setting of the film.

While sitting next to co-star Taylor Kitsch, Alex said: “To stand back and watch all the real [Navy officers] do what they do best … just try to absorb, soak it in, and use as much as possible … the fact that we’re sitting where World War II ended, right on this ship, is pretty amazing.”

Battleship’s DVD and Blu-ray hit shelves on Aug. 28, 2012, and both editions include this bonus feature and many more!

Source: E! Online

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