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True Blood

Alexander Skarsgard and Stephen Moyer Talk True Blood Season 5’s “Bromance” and Sex as Power (VIDEO)

True Blood Season 5 featured new power and danger in Bon Temps, showcasing less love triangles and more vampire politics with our favorite trio.

And although neither Bill nor Eric got it on with Sookie this season, we did see sex from both vamps — it just happened to be in twisted ways.

“[In Season 5], we’re playing with the idea that sex is more of a device, more of a tool to get you what you want to move forward. It’s like a pawn in a giant political game,” Stephen Moyer told World Monitor TV. “Politics are something that we’ve never really discussed in vampire society — it’s almost like the vampire White House if you like.”

Yes, we saw plenty of freaky Authority sex with Bill and Salome and Eric and sister Nora, but we also saw something new: A surprising shift in Bill and Eric’s relationship, post-Sookie.

“[Stephen and I] call it Season of the Bromance: Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid,Alexander Skarsgard said with a laugh. “But it’s been like four years of us fighting over Sookie and butting heads, so I think we were really excited when we got the first couple of scripts this season and realized that there’s just a different banter. They’re actually, in a weird way, liking each other.”

It was more so a struggle for Eric than Bill, especially heading toward the finale.

“I think that’s weird for Eric when he realizes that this guy, Bill, who he never really cared about … he’s somewhat like protective and wants to take care of him and save him,” Alex spilled. “It’s definitely a new feeling for Eric, but it’s been a lot of fun.”

With a cast that’s practically family, A Skars can’t wait to get back to them in January.

“I’m from Stockholm … so it’s nice that it’s become a little family. Because a lot of us are from other countries ... it’s just nice to have that continuity because you don’t really have that when you do movies or play,” he admitted. “It’s nice to have this to come back to every year.”

You can watch the rest of Alexander and Stephen’s interviews below — including one quick question with Anna Paquin about the beginning of Season 5 — and then tell us what you want to see next year!

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