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Awkward Season 2, Episode 10 Recap: “What You Did Was Ballsy and Psychotic”

Jenna did a lot of crazy things on the last episode of Awkward (Season 2, Episode 9: “Homewrecker Hamilton”): made her blog public, caused Matty and Jake to fight in public, and accidentally put herself in another faux-suicidal position … in public.

So on Season 2, Episode 10: “Pick Me, Choose Me, Love Me,” Jenna is still dishing to us, but this time, she’s putting “pen to paper.”

“Once again, I was a pariah,” Jenna writes. To avoid going to school, Jenna fakes a fever, and tries to tell her mom. But instead, her mom is the one looking sheepish. Those manderwears on her mom’s bedroom floor? Kind of Jenna’s dad’s.

Wearing bathrobes, Jenna’s parents try to get her to open up. Instead, they toss sex-growls and innuendo at each other, and all Jenna wants to do is get out of the house, humiliation or not.

But it turns out the first person called a bitch is Jenna’s mom. See, with Jenna’s blog published for the whole school to see, that small detail about her mom’s insulting, life-ruining letter was leaked too. Maybe Jenna can garner some sympathy instead of pity?

Tamara, as usual has the right perspective on Jenna’s public humiliation. “Your social suicide scared everyone silent.” So even the Julies, who say what Jenna did was “ballsy” and “psychotic,” Jenna is the new school celebrity. People are talking about her, Jake, and Matty as if they’re Bella, Edward, and Jacob.

Suddenly everyone wants Jenna’s opinion on their life, from fashion advice to dating advice. “I was a tastemaker,” Jenna realizes.

Guess who isn’t happy? Sadie! Jenna’s blog obviously didn’t paint Sadie in the best light, and on top of everything, she has a “kiss blister.” Also known as herpes.

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As for the boys, they’re sporting scornful looks and bruises on their cheeks from last episode’s fight. A movie in French class convinces the BFFs that they should just be friends again, until they both say, simultaneously, “I still love Jenna.”

Matty and Jake have decided: Jenna needs to choose. Those private screams of “Team Jake” and “Team Matty” we usually just direct at our TVs? They’re now being said aloud, all around Jenna,on the TV.

On a positive note, Jenna’s mom finally confesses the reason she wrote Jenna that cruel letter. Her mother had always been cruel to her, and instead of changing the pattern, she continued it with Jenna. Now she feels like a monster, but Jenna is getting the opportunity to change the pattern herself. She can combat all the “monster” mom behavior with love.

As sweet as it is seeing Matty and Jake back to being besties, especially ones who both have the whole truth about Jenna and each other, we kinda wish (along with them) that she would just choose already. And we wouldn’t be completely satisfied with a Kelly/Brandon/Dylan decision circa the original Beverly Hills, 90210, where our heroine says, “I choose myself.” Not only because it’s been done, but because, come on, pick a team! It’s an election year! Vote, Jenna. It’s your duty.

In a different twist, Jenna chooses her mom, and sings her a lullaby. The same one her mom had made up for her when she was little.

Perfect ending? Or do you still demand an answer? Looks like we’ll get one in the next episode!

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Awkward airs on Thursdays at 10:30 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

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