Project Runway Recap Rant: Why Can’t Dmitry Sholokhov Just WIN Already?
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Project Runway Recap Rant: Why Can’t Dmitry Sholokhov Just WIN Already?

Spoiler alert! Stop reading if you don't want details on the August 30 Project Runway Season 10, Episode 7.

Who does Dmitry Sholokhov have to kill/bribe/marry/screw to win a challenge on Project Runway Season 10? Seriously, did he step on each one of the judges’ puppies and that’s why they just can’t do it?

On Episode 7, "Oh My Lord & Taylor,” Dmitry wasn’t even in the top three. He was safe, along with Ven Budhu, who wasn’t as obnoxious as he was last week, and Sonjia Williams, who launched a gender war against the male "silk chiffonies." We’re all for girl power, but unfortunately all the girls fell apart this week, either emotionally or creatively. Mostly emotionally. The tears!

Project Runway Recap Rant: Why Can’t Dmitry Sholokhov Just WIN Already?
Credit: Lifetime    


The "Oh My Lord & Taylor" challenge was to create a 10th look for Lord & Taylor’s capsule collection, in honor of the 10th season of Project Runway. Nine garments were already created by designers from the past nine seasons. The new look will be put into production at Lord & Taylor and sold both in the store and online. It will also be featured in the window of the flagship store on 5th Avenue in NYC.


There were no trainwrecks but also no clear runaway winner. The (rather surprising) top four were Melissa Fleis, Elena Slivnyak, Christopher Palu, and the flower-crowned Fabio Costa.

Elena burst into tears when her look was declared in the top group. She had burst into tears earlier in the episode too. Sometimes you’re just primed to cry, no matter what happens, but you can’t let your whole self-worth be defined by whether you’re at the top or the bottom. The judges are never consistent anyway. Melissa made another high collar and the judges loved it again. She won the Marie Claire work challenge with her blue dress with the wide collar that no one in their right mind would wear to work. This week she picked a tough fabric and did another sleeveless cocktail dress with a high collar and — voila! — the judges went for it. She's one of the best and most liked designers this season, but hopefully she won't get stuck in Big Collar Country.

So who won the challenge? Christopher. And out of the top four, he deserved it most. He made a soft, romantic, timeless gown (not a cocktail dress) with a pale pink top that went perfectly with his model’s ivory Victorian look. Expect this guy in the top three on the finale. Maybe with Melissa and … Ven? What do you think?

Project Runway Recap Rant: Why Can’t Dmitry Sholokhov Just WIN Already?
Credit: Lifetime    


Nobody! It’s weird because we thought the previews pretty much gave this elimination away before the episode even started. The second Heidi Klum was heard saying “she can’t do anything sexy,” it was pretty clear 1) who she was talking about and 2) that designer would go home. The designer in question was Alicia Hardesty, who likes to make tough streetwear, not feminine, sophisticated cocktail dresses. Alicia's look did not stand out in a good way. Heidi didn’t hate her dress, but Nina Garcia called it “dowdy” and Michael Kors compared it to a “field hockey uniform,” saying her model looked Amish. We totally figured she’d be gone but, nope, she was declared safe.

The only other person in the bottom two was Gunnar Deatherage. He didn't belong there to begin with, but since he was the only one left, we thought he’d be going home. Week 1, that would’ve been great. But now, we kinda like Gunnar! His dress this week was pretty good, but the judges thought they’d seen it before. They felt it was boring and no one would remember it. Disagree. But at least he’s still around, since he didn’t crash and burn.

Project Runway Recap Rant: Why Can’t Dmitry Sholokhov Just WIN Already?
Credit: Lifetime    


Somehow, the big theme of the episode was gender wars. The women were frazzled and the men were calm. Elena fell apart. Sonjia started sobbing. Melissa was a chicken with her head cut off. Alicia was calm, but that's probably a bad thing considering her bland look.

• Sonjia said men design clothes they want women to wear but women design clothes women actually want to wear. She added that the guys are more feminine than the girls. She also said she didn't like the (latest) rose effect at the top of Ven's dress.

• Ven said men are usually stronger designers while women are usually more practical. (No more weight disses from Ven this week. He also deleted all his excuses from his Twitter account, which is now filled with apologies for how he treated his “plus-size” client, Terri, in last week’s episode.)

• Elena struggled with the idea of making a simple garment and decided to have an emotional breakdown over always being in the bottom and never being noticed. However, Elena took the time to sniff at Christopher's ever-present shredding feathers and questioned whether he could do anything else.

• Christopher passed the disses along to other designers. He said Elena's dress was just like her — pretending to be sweet but really a crazy bitch. "Who puts a harness on a babydoll dress? I don't get it. I don't want to get it. I don't like her." He thought the top of Ven's black cocktail dress looked like a holiday garment a 13-year-old girl would wear for Christmas. He also dissed Sonjia's look with "Sonjia, the '80s called and want everything back. Cyndi Lauper's missing a dress and a clutch."


• Elena said she loves Gunnar. He made her laugh when she needed it and he's a bright spot for her. (This is his second nice-guy week. Are we seeing the redemption of Gunnar?)

• Gunnar liked Dmitry's dress and felt it was his biggest competition.

• Dmitry liked Ven's dress and felt he was his biggest competition in the challenge.

• Melissa wasn't sure she picked the right fabric and decided to basically start over with a new dress. The good news on that was that everyone worried about her — men and women — which speaks to how popular she is in the house.


Do you agree with the top four and bottom two? Do you think Christopher deserved to win, with no one as the loser? It's kind of satisfying when someone goes home, 'cause it feels like we're moving forward. We wouldn't have been too upset if Alicia had gone home. She hasn't exactly been knocking it out of the park. Or are you still waiting for Ven to go home, after last week?

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