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What Will Jennifer Aniston’s Wedding to Justin Theroux Be Like? Her Former Wedding Planner Weighs In! – Exclusive

If anyone knows what Jennifer Aniston is like when she’s in wedding mode, it’s celebrity event guru Kevin Lee. Yes, it’s the same Kevin “Chi-Chi, Chi-Chi” Lee who made an unforgettable guest appearance on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills last season when he produced the nuptials of Lisa Vanderpump’s only daughter.

But did you know that, years before, Kevin also planned the million-dollar Malibu wedding of Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt? Now that Jen’s getting married again, we turned to Kevin to get his thoughts on whether or not he thinks the former Friends star will have another big L.A. blowout… or will change things up when she weds fiancé Justin Theroux.

Wetpaint Entertainment: What was Jen like when she was planning her wedding to Brad Pitt?

Kevin Lee: Well, she and Brad both made many of the decisions together — but their tastes were quite different. He loves architecture and wanted everything to have a very clean, Zen feel. But Jen’s taste runs more romantic, she wanted everything to be feminine and pretty.
Combining their two styles wasn’t easy… but everything came together in the end and it was just gorgeous.

Was she happy with the result?

Oh yes. She hugged me at the wedding and told me it was her dream come true.

Do you think she’s going to want to do something different for her second wedding?

Well, to me, each wedding is always different. They should all be unique. But remember, it’s her second wedding, it’s [Justin’s] first. That said, I don’t think it’s going be a huge wedding, no.

Knowing Jennifer, what do you see her wanting to do?

I see her doing something out of town, something small and very family-oriented.

There’s already been speculation she may do a beach wedding…

I can see that. She loves the beach and the water. I think an intimate beach wedding might be perfect for her.

If she asked you to help her again, would you do it?

Absolutely! Of course I would.

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We can’t let you go without asking about Lisa Vanderpump? How is she?

Miss Lisa is always wonderful. She just bought this gorgeous new house. I did her housewarming and her anniversary party. She’s a good friend and I love her!

You can learn more about Kevin at, and you can follow him on Twitter at @FabKevin.

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