Who’s The Cutest Bachelor Pad Couple? Chris and Sarah vs. Jaclyn and Ed!
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The Bachelorette

Who’s The Cutest Bachelor Pad Couple? Chris and Sarah vs. Jaclyn and Ed!

Bachelor Pad 3 is a magical place full of love potion, festering string bikinis, and the faint, tantalizing aroma of romance. It's a place where a strangers can dry-hump each other with no consequences, and — most importantly — a place where a lucky few find true love.

Of course we're talking about Chris Bukowski + Sarah Newlon and Ed Swiderski + Jaclyn Swartz, the cutest couples in The Pad. Both these dynamic duos slay us with their sweet nothings, tonguey-makeout sessions and love for glitter, but which couple is cuter? That's where you come in, Bachelor Nation.

Sarah and Chris started off as a random hookup, but their relationship has morphed into a beautiful flowering rose, much like the ones Chris Harrison huffs every morning. They have chemistry up the wazoo, and Mr. Bukow-chicka-wow-ski even seems to be getting over Emily Maynard (finally!).

But then there's Ed and Jaclyn. Sure, they aren't "official" (Ed is too studly to be tied down), but they couldn't be more adorable. Between the playful teasing, the hot dog binge-eating, and the hilarious sex noises, these two are quickly becoming our favorite couple on Bachelor Pad. But do they take the cuteness trophy away from Sarah and Chris?

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