More Brittana Kisses on Glee Season 4! Naya Rivera Teases What’s to Come
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More Brittana Kisses on Glee Season 4! Naya Rivera Teases What’s to Come

We’re still worried that Santana (Naya Rivera) and Brittany (Heather Morris) might be the victim of Glee’s dreaded break-up, but at least Naya Rivera is just as hopeful as you are that the couple will stay together. And she implies that we may see a few more Brittana kisses this season. In other words: Hooray!

Naya spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about Brittana and reassured us all that, “at the start of the season, they're definitely still together.” At least that’s something.

However, should we be worried that the end is near especially since Naya makes a point to say that they’re still together at the start of the season? “I do hope that they're in it for the long-run, but as with any long-distance relationship, it has its challenges especially when you're still in high school,” she says.

More Brittana Kisses on Glee Season 4! Naya Rivera Teases What’s to Come
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So what exactly will Santana’s life at the University of Louisiana entail? Naya reveals that while Santana will indeed be making “time to visit Brittany,” in Ohio, when she’s in Kentucky, Santana will have one thing on her mind: Cheerleading. “She's really focusing on cheerleading and trying not to think about the fact that she does miss everyone,” Naya says. In other words, Santana plans to bring it on.

But how long Santana will remain enrolled at U of L seems to be a bit up in the air. “The biggest question that we've been asking the whole season is if Louisville is big enough for Santana," Naya said while laughing. "Probably not!”

Does that mean Santana might then be joining Kurt (Chris Colfer) and Rachel (Lea Michele) in New York City? That’s “definitely a possibility,” according to Naya. “If that were to happen, I'd be ecstatic,” she says, as “watching her in that environment would be really, really funny.” We must say, the idea of Pezberry together in New York makes us ecstatic, too!

More Brittana Kisses on Glee Season 4! Naya Rivera Teases What’s to Come
Credit: via Glee Wiki    

And if you ever feel like Brittana haven’t had have enough PDA in their scenes, now you know who to blame: Naya and Heather! “A lot of times Heather and I will be in a scene, and we have free reign to kiss each other if we see fit,” Naya says. But “since they are still in high school, and my character was still dealing with this secret [her sexuality] that just got out, we would tread lightly on when we would have PDA moments.”

Naya goes on to explain that, as an actor, “You don’t just want to make out to make out.” A note to Naya: We think a lot of Brittana fans would disagree with you.

As for her upcoming solo album, Naya is “inching closer to actually putting something out very soon,” as her first single will be entitled “My Heart.” But don’t expect to hear anything from Naya’s album on Glee. “It feels like a separate project to me: a separate person and identity, and I want to keep it away from Glee — but you never know,” Naya says.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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