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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Summer Season: The 5 Best Ezria Moments

Pretty Little Liars Season 3’s summer season ended on a difficult note for Ezria, with Aria (Lucy Hale) keeping a giant secret from Ezra (Ian Harding). But instead of worrying over what the future holds, let's take some time to reflect on the happier moments Season 3 has delivered so far.

Here, we look back on our five favorite Ezria moments from the first half of Season 3.

1. Aria and Ezra celebrate their anniversary in style. Aria and Ezra started the season out right in Season 3, Episode 1: “It Happened ‘That Night,’” with an anniversary celebration that captured all of the hotness of their first hook-up, with none of the grossness inherent in making out in a bathroom.

2. Aria and Ezra kiss in the car. We really like the scene between Aria and Ezra in Season 3, Episode 2: “Blood Is the New Black,” where they discuss Meredith, Byron (Chad Lowe), and Emily (Shay Mitchell) in between making out. It shows them at their strongest: They are a real team, talking through their life problems and getting a little sexy at the same time.

3. Ezra buys Aria a camera. It's nice when one half of a ship proves they really get the other. Ezra did just that in Season 3, Episode 5: “That Girl is Poison,” by getting Aria an antique camera. What could be better for an artsy girl with a budding interest in photography?

4. Aria and Ezra's photo sesh. Who doesn't like a little good old-fashioned romcom style photo shoot between two lovebirds? Thanks, Season 3, Episode 6: “The Remains of the ‘A’”!

5. Ezra tells Aria about Maggie. This scene from Season 3, Episode 9: “The Kahn Game” isn't easy to take, but it's also important, and when Ezra begs Aria to come inside his apartment with him and she, after hesitating, says yes, our hearts melt.

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