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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Slade Smiley Claims Vicki Gunvalson Admitted to Cheating on Boyfriend Brooks Ayers in Cabo

During the second Real Housewives of Orange County Season 7 reunion episode, in the heat of a tension-filled moment, Tamra Barney outed her former best friend Vicki Gunvalson for some questionable behavior during a vacation in Cabo.

Tamra said she remembered getting a phone call from Vicki about waking up next to an unknown nude man while she was dating current boyfriend Brooks Ayers. Vicki, visibly flustered by the surprise reveal, swore on the lives of her children and then-unborn grandson that the story was absolutely not true, which did not impress Tamra one bit. Now, co-star Slade Smiley, who’s known Vicki since Season 1 of the show, has spoken up to say that he believes the story of Vicki cheating on Brooks in Cabo is indeed the truth.

In a new interview with guest blogger Real Mr. Housewife, Slade — who’d previously been the subject of some slams by Vicki about his parenting to son Grayson — said simply that Vicki “cheated on Brooks with a guy in Cabo [and] admitted to it off camera then denies on camera. You never know what to believe.”

Slade also reminded everyone that it wasn’t the first time Vicki’s been accused of stepping out on one of her flames.

“It has just recently come out that Vicki has had many relationships with other men since day one. We’ve all known it, we’ve talked about it outside the show, but Bravo has never really focused on it or chosen to air any of that content,” he said. “Her own daughter [Briana] even confirmed that while she was doing her phony renewal of her vows two years ago with Don on the beach, Brooks was busy texting her at that time.”

Vicki’s not yet responded to Slade’s comments, but we’ll go ahead and get the popcorn ready for if and when she does.

Source: Lynn N Chicago

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