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Glee Season 4 Spoiler Roundup: Everything We Know So Far

We know that a good season finale is supposed to leave you with unanswered questions. You’re supposed to come back wanting more. That’s the reason cliffhangers were invented!

Still after watching Glee’s Season 3 finale, Episode 22: "Goodbye," we’re left with so many questions about what’s to come this fall in Season 4 — that we barely know where to begin.

Luckily, plenty of information has already started to trickle out concerning what we can expect for the New Directions, and the graduated senior, next year. Ready for the inside scoop on what’s to come? Here’s your spoiler roundup for everything we know about Season 4 so far.


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- No Glee Spin-Off — But Lea Michele Is Back for Season 4!
Remember back when we thought there might be a Glee spinoff? Well, the network vetoed that idea, but it sounds like many of the ideas for the spinoff will very much be incorporated into Glee Season 4.

- Glee Season 4: Cory Monteith and Chris Colfer Now Confirmed — Rachel, Kurt, and Finn are Back!
That’s right, all three are officially confirmed to return next season. (So we’re following Finn to boot camp, too? Well, we guess now Glee can has an excuse to cover "Eye of the Tiger"...)

- Glee Season 4 Casting Update: Everyone Is Returning! But What’s the Catch?
Ryan Murphy has confirmed that ALL main characters will be back next season. Only problem is: He didn’t specify for how many episodes. Don’t count them in as series regulars just yet!

- Chord Overstreet Gets a Promotion! Plus, 15 Others Plan to Return
That Glee magic you know and love isn't going anywhere!

- Glee Season 4 Spoilers: Expect to See Lots of Santana, Rachel and Artie!

But which characters are getting more screentime than others? We've got an early list right here.


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- Glee Season 4 Won’t Only Be in Ohio! FOX Confirms New "Show With a Show" Format
So far, Lima, Ohio and New York City are the only two locations we’re heard mentioned by name. But with Mercedes in Los Angeles, Quinn at Yale, and Mike in Chicago, we’re hoping that some of their locations will pop up, too.

- Glee Season 4 Spoilers: New Details on Filming in New York City!
Since Rachel (and possibly others) will be in NYC, Glee plans to pick up filming and move to the Big Apple — maybe even as frequently as every five weeks!

- Glee Season 4: What Have They Filmed in New York City So Far?

Here's a look at who's been in the Big Apple, plus plenty of photos of what they've been filming.


- When Does Glee Season 4 Start?
Mark your calendars! Glee's officially coming back on Thursday, September 13, at 9 pm.

- Promo for Glee Season 4: Our In-depth Analysis of This Season’s First Official Footage

We've broken down every last second of the promo. Here's what we've discovered.

- Glee Season 4 Spoilers: 3 New Series Regulars — Who’s Getting a Little Brother?
Anyone else wonder if he'll be sharing his older bro's signature 'do?

- Ryan Murphy’s “Streamlining” Glee for Season 4: Expect Fewer Main Characters!
Gulp. Suddenly the fate of some of our favorite lesser-known isn't looking so good.

- Glee Season 4 Spoilers: Expect Lots More of Alex Newell's Unique, But Damian McGinty is Out!

The first official victim of Ryan's "streamling" efforts has been announced. No more Damian McGinty (Rory). However, Damian's fellow Glee Project contender Alex Newell (Unique) will be sticking around for more episodes.

- Glee Season 4: Will Alex Newell’s Unique Transfer to McKinley High?

Nothing certain quite yet, but it's certainly looking like he might be.

Credit: Jemal Countess/Getty Images/Chris Colfer on Twitter    


- Glee Season 4: Sarah Jessica Parker to Be Kurt’s New Mentor!

So long, Lima. Kurt is making his way to NYC?

- Glee Season 4 Spoilers: Has Kurt Given Up on Performing? What’s Up With Klaine?

Say it ain't so!

- Glee Season 4: Chris Colfer Wants Kurt to Go After a Career in Fashion — With Sarah Jessica Parker?
On second thought, that does sound pretty awesome.

- Glee Season 4 Spoilers: Rachel’s in a Leotard, Sarah Jessica Parker’s Running!

On third thought (yes, it's a thing now: we just decided) that actually sounds amazing.

- Glee Season 4 Casting: Who Will Kurt Be Working With at Vogue?

Here's the first info on Kurt's quirky new co-workers.

- Glee Season 4: First Look at Kurt and Fashion Mentor Sarah Jessica Parker! (PHOTO)

Do they not make the most awesome duo, ever?

- Glee Season 4: Sarah Jessica Parker Sings With Rachel and Kurt, Plus Whoopi Goldberg Is Back

Awesome news. Awesomer news.

- Glee Season 4: Kurt Hummel, Fashion Intern, Wears a Giant Hippopotamus Pin! (PHOTO)

The infamous pin returns.

- Glee Season 4 Spoilers: Kurt and Blaine's Long Distance Relationship Might Not Work Out

What? No! We... we just... NO! Don't even make us think about that possibility.

- Glee Season 4 Spoilers: How Will Blaine Cope With Being So Far Away From Kurt?

Well, we guess that's one way you could handle it.

- Glee Season 4 Spoilers: Kurt’s Absence Makes Blaine Question Everything

Having your boyfriend suddenly relocate hundreds of miles away can do that to a guy.

- Chris Colfer Wants a Klaine Shakeup on Glee Season 4, But He’s Worried Fans Will “Crucify” Him — Exclusive

Come on, guys. Thinks can't be happiness and gumdrops forever. These two need a little drama to spice things up!

- Glee Season 4 Spoilers: Ryan Murphy Responds to Klaine Breakup Rumors

Moral of the story? Don't freak out. Watch the episode before you come to any rash conclusions.


- Glee Season 4: Finn’s Future is a “Big Secret” — Plus, Who Might Have Reduced Roles?
So will Finn join the army, or won't he? Ryan Murphy isn't telling!

- Glee Season 4: Cory Monteith on Finn’s Future — and His “Return” From the Army!?
Cory guarentees we'll see Finn again, he just won't say how long he's sticking around.

- Glee Season 4 Spoilers: Prepare to Be “Shocked” by Finn’s Storyline

Don't worry. Finn is "very much a part of this season" and "when he does come back, he’s back for good." However, where he's been in the meantime just might surprise you!

Credit: Ryan Murphy on Twitter    


- Glee Season 4: What’s Next for Rachel Berry?
She's about to star a whole new life in the big city. Here are our first clues about she'll be up to.

- Glee Season 4 Premiere Title Revealed: Big Changes Ahead for Rachel Berry?

Sounds like adjusting to life at NYADA might not be as easy for Rachel as she hoped.

- Glee Season 4 Spoilers: Things For Finchel Will Be Worse Than You Think!

Think Finn and Rachel's relationship will be back to normal in just a few episodes? We wouldn't bet on it!

- Glee Season 4 Spoilers: Trouble for Rachel, Updates on Damian McGinty and Grant Gustin

Poor girl just can't catch a break, now can she?

- Lea Michele Tweets Glee Season 4 Updates: She’s Filming With Kate Hudson!

Rachel Berry is about to get her butt kicked in the NYADA dance studio.

- First Photo of Rachel at NYADA in Glee Season 4 — With Kate Hudson!

Rachel and her dance instructor, Cassandra July, are hard at work on their routines.

- Glee Season 4: Rachel Berry to Channel Sex and the City’s Carrie Bradshaw

Well, she will with her jewelry, anyway. We're not sure about other areas of her life!

- Glee Season 4: New York City’s Already Started to Change Rachel Berry! (PHOTO)

Well, it's changing her wardrobe choices, anyway.

- Glee Season 4 Spoilers: Rachel Berry’s Ballerina Moment

So many new people to meet, and so many new things to explore!

- Glee Season 4: Rachel Berry Takes the Stage in New York City (PHOTO)

So many cool new locations for Rachel to explore in NYC!

- Glee Season 4: [Spoiler] Is Singing Lady Gaga — and Rachel’s Getting a Makeover!

We can't wait to see her new look.

- Glee Season 4: Rachel Berry’s Big Makeover? Lea Michele Dons Glam Designer Ball Gowns (PHOTOS)

She looks so glamourous!

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Rachel's New Man, Brody Weston

- Glee Season 4: Meet Rachel’s Hot New Potential Love Interest!

Uh-oh. It looks like Finn is about to get some serious competion.

- Glee Season 4 Spoilers: Brody’s “Definitely Interested” in Rachel — and He Won’t Give Up!

Rachel's heart might still be with Finn, but Brody seems like he's not willing to take "no" for an answer so easily.

- Glee Season 4 Romance: Dean Geyer on Why Brody’s So Attracted to Rachel

Find out exactly what it is about Rachel that's making it so Brody just can't stay away.

- Glee’s Brody is a Threat to Finchel, But You Might Actually Like Him!

Don't automatically assume you'll hate the new guy, though. Apparently, he's pretty darn likable.

- Who Is Dean Geyer? 5 Things to Know About Rachel’s Sexy Love Interest on Glee

Here's a bit about the actor who plays Glee's hot new college guy.

- Glee Season 4 Spoilers: Rachel and Brody’s Britney Spears Song is “Veeeery Sexy”!

But don't worry. It's just business. They're performing together, nothing else.

- Glee Season 4 Spoilers: Rachel and Brody’s Britney Spears “Sex Fest”

Wait. That really is the only thing going on here... right? Suddenly, we're not so sure.

- Glee Season 4: Brody and Rachel Dancing Together Again! Dean Geyer Tweets Update

Again?? Gasp.

Glee Project Winner Blake Jenner (Ryder)

- Glee Season 4: Who Will Glee Project Winner Blake Jenner Play?

All the details we know so far about Glee Project winner Blake Jenner's new role as Ryder.

- Glee Project Winner Blake Jenner Wants His Character to Date Brittany!

Well, Ryan Murphy has already confirmed that Ryder's getting a love interest. Do you think it might possibly be Brit?

- Glee Season 4 Scoop: New Details on When and Where We’ll See Blake Jenner

Mark your calendars. Season 4, Episode 5 can't get here soon enough!

- Glee Season 4: Blake Jenner’s Character Name Revealed! Plus, a Connection to Finn?

Interesting thought, no?

Credit: Naya Rivera on Twitter    


- Naya Rivera Shows Off Santana’s Sexy Cheerleading Outfit for Glee Season 4 (PHOTO)

Santana starts out at college in Kentucky. We're just not sure how long she'll be staying there.

- Glee Season 4 Spoilers: Is Santana Moving New York City? Possible Brittana Trouble Ahead!

We'd love to see Santana get her shot in NYC, but we really hope this doesn't mean the end of her and Brittany.

- Glee Season 4: Uh-Oh, Brittana Fans — Things Will Be “Not So Super” Coming Up!


Glee Project winner Blake Jenner:

- Glee Season 4: Who Will Glee Project Winner Blake Jenner Play?

We don't have a full character description quite yet, but there's still info out there about what we can expect.

- Glee Project Winner Blake Jenner Wants His Character to Date Brittany!

What would you think of that potential match?

- Glee Season 4 Scoop: New Details on When and Where We’ll See Blake Jenner

Season 4, Episode 5. Make a note in your calendars. That day can't get here fast enough!

Credit: Dante Di Lorento on Twitter    

Puck's Brother, Jake:

- Glee Casts Puck’s Younger Brother! What Do You Think of the Choice?

There's a new bad boy at McKinley, and he's not going to be like anybody we've met on Glee before.

- Glee Season 4: Puck’s Younger Brother Has an Attitude Problem

Well, he is a Puckerman, after all!

- Glee Season 4: Puck’s Brother Is Damaged — and a Total "Heartbreaker"
Watch out, ladies.

- Who Is Jacob Artist? 5 Things to Know About Glee’s New Bad Boy

Find out more about the actor who will be bringing Jake Puckerman to life on screen.

- Will Mark Salling's Puck Return for Glee Season 4?

What about Jake's big bro? Will we be seeing him at all during the new season?

- Glee Season 4: Meet Puck’s Brother Jake and New Girl Marley (PHOTO)

Ryan Murphy's already nicknamed them "Jarley." So does that mean these two are going to start dating?

Mike and Tina:

- Glee’s Harry Shum Jr. on Possible “Temptation” for Mike in Glee Season 4 — Exclusive

Dun dun dun...

New cheerleader Marley:

- Glee Season 4: Who Is The New Cheerio — And Is She Bullying Brittany?

Who in their right mind would ever want to hurt poor Brit?

Credit: Brad Falchuk on Twitter    


- First On-set Photo of Glee Season 4: Look Who’s Back in the Choir Room!

There's so few of them this year! Having everybody graduated now feels weird.

- Who Will Be the New Star of Glee’s New Directions? It’s Not Who You Think!

Well, that pretty much guarentees that Blaine is out. Other than that, we'd say the identity of this new leader's is really anybody's guess.

- Glee Spoilers: Four Couples Are in Danger of Breaking Up — For Good!

Yikes. This does not sound promising at all.

- Glee Season 4 Spoilers: Sue Sylvester's Pregnancy Game-Changer

We had an idea this might be coming.

- Glee Season 4 Spoilers: Which American Idol Finalist Might Be Joining the Cast?
Are you a fan of American Idol, too?

- Glee “Absolutely Loved” American Idol’s Pia Toscano, But Will She Be on Season 4?

Glee really seems to be liking the former Idol stars, don't they?

- Glee Season 4: Which Pop Star Is in Talks to Star?
Well, he is coming to Ryan Murphy's other show, American Horror Story. Maybe he can swing some time on Glee, too.

- Glee Season 4 Scoop: Are Producers Pursuing Cheryl Cole for Guest Stint?

The Glee men would certainly be excited about this casting choice!

- Matthew Morrison on Glee Season 4: “Everybody Wants to Join” the Club, and That’s Not a Good Thing! — Exclusive

Yes, being popular and well-liked sounds terrible.

- Jesse St. James in Glee Season 4? Jonathan Groff Says “I’d Love to Go Back”

Well, we'd love to see him. Hopefully something might be able to work out!

- Will Max Adler’s Karofsky Be Back for Glee Season 4?

Sad day.

- Glee Season 4 Spoilers: Ian Brennan Talks Sue Sylvester's New Baby!

Sue Sylvester: a mother?! This is one thing we have to see!

- Glee Season 4 Spoilers: Secrets from the Comic-Con Panel!
A basic overview of some of the biggest reveals from the panel.

- Glee Season 4 Spoilers: Ian Brennan Talks New York, Guest Stars, and Graduated Students!
How will life be different for Rachel (Lea Michele) now that she’s living in the big city? Are the producers nervous about mixing things up so much with Glee’s new format? Executive Producer Ian Brennan reveals all that, and more.

- Shocking Glee Update: Is the Wedding Off? Ryan Murphy Says [Spoiler] “Doesn’t Get Married!”
And no, we’re not talking about Finn and Rachel...


Credit: Glee on Facebook    

- Glee Season 4 Music: “Call Me Maybe” Confirmed for Episode 1

Hey, we just saw this. And this is crazy. But we're kind of excited. Don't judge us, maybe?

- Glee Season 4 Is Going “Back to the Underdog”! Ryan Murphy Teases New Storyline, Different Musical Directions
Bid farewell to all those showtunes. Glee next season will stick to as many Top 40 hits as possible.

- Baby, One More Time: Glee’s Doing Another Britney Spears Tribute in Season 4!
What’s more Top 40 that Britney Spears? Not much. Get ready for another glittery tribute to the beloved pop tart.

- Glee Season 4: Get Ready For The Most Bizarre Song Performance Ever!

Given all the crazy moments in all the Britney songs out there, we're really not sure what to expect from this one!

- Glee Season 4 Song Spoilers: Which Adele Hit Will Be the First Group Number?

Oh, this is going to be a good one! But then again, it's Adele. So... duh.

- Darren Criss Hints at Glee Season 4 Songs: Are They Doing “Call Me Maybe”?

Oh... joy?

- Glee to Cover Demi Lovato in Season 4 — Which Song Would You Choose?

Not only is the new X Factor judge on the same network as Glee, but now the show will be performing one of her songs, too.

- Glee Season 4 Music: Lea Michele Teases Klaine and Finchel Duet

Lea Michele tweeted, "You guys are gonna LOVE it!"


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