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How Will Ashley Davenport Be Affected by the Revenge Season 1 Finale’s Plane Crash?

In the first season of Revenge, the click of Ashley Davenport’s stilettos was a common sound in Grayson Manor. The party planner — who transformed into a PR pro, a Grayson Global assistant, and Daniel Grayson’s love interest — was as frequent a visitor in the Hamptons home as betrayal and deceit.

Using her perfectly-manicured nails, this British native clawed her way up the elite Hamptons ladder, using employer Victoria Grayson, to help secure a higher status. But after months of hard work, Victoria wasn’t entirely welcoming, so Ashley moved on and secured a spot as Conrad’s right-hand lady.

The fateful plane explosion that supposedly took Victoria’s life came just around the time that Ash was shacking up with Daniel. The immediate aftermath of such a chaotic event will probably require Ashley to get back to her PR girl ways at Grayson Global, and if she intends on sticking with Daniel, he’ll probably be suffering some major emotional trauma after the loss of his mother.

We don’t really see this ladder climber visiting Charlotte’s hospital bed with Daniel — unless there’s something in it for her. And with all of Conrad’s secrets piling up, Ashley will probably become the new Lydia Davis (aka a not-so-master secret keeper.)

Becoming indispensable at Grayson Global typically means one of two things: You sleep with the boss or you die — sometimes both. We’ve already noticed the disgusting chemistry between Conrad and Ashley, but will she actually trade her Hamptons heir for grey hair? If it meant moving up on the food chain, probably.

And when Victoria eventually reappears, we don’t think she’d come after her former party planner, but the scorned Emily Thorne might. Ashley had better watch her designer-clothed back if she doesn’t want any red Sharpie coming her way!

Is Ashley Davenport a formidable foe or a victim? Tell us below!

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09.3.2012 / 08:30 PM EDT by Rachel McRady
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