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The Kardashians

Keeping Up With the Kardashians Recap of Season 7, Episode 16: Kardashian Therapy

As Kris arrives at home and is ready to go to the gym, she finds that Kendall’s flustered because she’s running late. Kylie’s still in bed, and Kendall’s gotta go. Kris is now going to be late to the gym because she’ll have to take her to school, and she’s not buying Kylie’s little story about being late. She thinks she’s just unprepared for her test.

Kim meets up with her friend Jonathan (“the ultimate New Yorker”) to put together a Queens-worthy outfit. “Will I need a backpack?” she asks. “No we’re not going to a rave. We’re going to Queens,” he smarts. What she comes up with is a saggy T-shirt, large hoop earrings and fly pants. “What the f--k is that, yo? Somebody got the wrong idea about Queens, girlfriend,” Lam Lam reacts.

Meanwhile, Kris has finally gotten Kylie in the car on the way to school, and she takes the opportunity to lecture her on her behavior. It’s not acceptable for her to ditch school because she’s not ready for a test. “If I decide that I’m not ready to have a business meeting I still have to have the meeting,” she instructs. “I just don’t think you have any confidence on yourself.” Kylie insists that she’s frustrated because she can’t do better than she is. She feels behind in the material and hates getting poor grades. “I just don’t think that you are trying hard enough,” Kris retorts, but Kylie’s had enough of not getting her way on the matter, so she storms out of the car while it’s at a stop.

This brings it home for Kris, and she promises to consider the proposal of the school she contacted if Kylie will get back in the car. Kylie gets in and tells her mom that she’s having anxiety attacks about being behind and that it’s even causing Kendall to break out in rashes. Kris realizes they’re serious about the issue and that most children their age don’t have full-time jobs.

Back in Queens, Khloe gets recognized immediately over at Lamar’s “old stomping grounds,” and they run into one of his cousins. Kim’s having a ball experimenting with Lamar’s idea of a good time. “Is that me on the cover of that mixtape?” she notices. “Kanye’s on it too, how funny. Can we just get it?” Lam points out that he’s big on buying the tapes because “It’s how you keep the streets buzzin, you know what I’m saying?”

Back at the house, Kris gets some strange news which brings a rare mention of Kim’s ongoing divorce proceedings. “I guess Kris Humphries is serving Kanye West for a subpoena today,” she tells Bruce. He responds, “For what?! Is he going to subpoena me? Sheesh.”

Representatives from the Atlanta Country Day School arrive for their meeting about the school. They’re totally accredited and specialize in dealing with kids who have tough schedules. If the girls have to flit off to Japan, their instructor will go right along with them. The teacher is to be with them 24/7, essentially. Kris is mighty impressed by the pitch and wonders how she didn’t get on board with the idea sooner. Kendall’s so happy about transitioning to homeschooling that she even hugs the reps.

Back in NYC, after hitting up a jewelry shop and trying out some gold teeth molds, the gang checks out Lamar’s old basketball court. “This is where I learned the rules of engagement as far as the streets are concerned, how to be taken seriously,” he tells the girls. He also informs them that he called the place home when his mother died and gets emotional about how long he’s known the people around.

Next week, while Kourtney and Scott war over their constant baby-making, Khloe deals with the fact that she’s not been able to get pregnant. Plus, Kris gets her breast implants replaced. Should be a good show!

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Credit: Anders Overgaard and Timothy White/E! Entertainment © NBCUniversal, Inc.    

This week on Keeping Up With the Kardashians was all about familial healing and bonding. The episode begins right where last week’s show left off; Rob’s still sad and frustrated in the bathroom because he feels like he’s not being taken seriously by his mom and sisters.

“I just want my family happy,” he says to Khloe and the family therapist, Dr. Nicki. “I’m frustrated that I just want to do certain things in a business sense.” Dr. Nicki thinks there’s more to it than just that — he’s been running from his feelings. Kris and Kourtney agree that he needs to open up more often. Dr. Nicki eventually coaxes him into re-joining the group in the therapy session.

Dr. Nicki wants to discuss the underlying issues with Rob. Kris says she is happy when her kids are happy, and most of them are doing well, but she says tearfully that “there’s something there [with Rob] that’s just sad all the time. It’s like a little knife every single day just digging because he’s the one who seems lost, and I feel like I can’t do anything about it.”

There’s grief and loss of satisfaction since his dad’s not around, and it’s painful for him, she thinks. Dr. Nicki thinks he’s worried about letting everyone down by not succeeding, and Rob adds when he tries to get involved in something, he’s put on the back burner. Kim snaps that she’s worked hard to accomplish what she has and she and her mom have just been lucky to accomplish their goals.

“We all get caught up in our stuff in our own lives,” Kourtney admits, turning the attention back to Rob, and Kim says that they’d all be willing to help Rob move forward with projects if he’ll just guide them about what to do. Kim cries in defense of her mom, saying that she’s better at raising girls, but having a boy was their dad’s thing. She’s just as confused and lost in the world as everyone else, and Kris is doing the best she can.

The therapist then asks about their dad’s passing. “It’s like when someone’s sick you just do what you gotta do and take care of him. I think I handled it pretty well,” Kim says. She claims she was the only one who could step up and make a speech at the funeral and that she was also the only one left working in his office at the end.

Khloe says she was there too, but Kim denies it. Khloe wants to know why Kim is taking away from Khloe’s contribution, which makes Rob laugh, “You’re good at that.” Kim says Khloe’s fabricating the story. “I’m trying to sit there and be supportive and listen to everyone’s issues, but I’m feeling so attacked, I’d rather get out of the situation and not be here,” Kim says. She and Khloe get snippy with each other, and it’s clearly not going to end well.

Meanwhile, Kendall and Kylie are two happy girls because they’re in New York City for a new fashion contributor gig with Seventeen magazine. They’re missing a few days of school, which makes thing hard on Kylie, but they’re having a good time with it for sure.

Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe meet up to prepare for an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and Khloe notices that Kim is being quiet and distant. Khloe doesn’t really care too much about what she has to say because she’s still reeling over Kim’s therapy sesh comments. When Kim’s dress rips, she mutters “Karma!”

Kris catches Kylie and Kendall watching YouTube videos, and they explain that they’re so behind right now because of the trip they had to take to New York. They make their case for a homeschooling regimen. With all the work and other obligations, they think it makes more sense, but Kris doesn’t want them to miss out on the regular high school experience. Then she scolds the girls for being rude and tells them to focus on their schoolwork.

Credit: Anders Overgaard and Timothy White/E! Entertainment © NBCUniversal, Inc.    

Rob and Khloe chat about an email Kim apparently sent to the group, apologizing for being neglectful to Rob’s business interests and for “invalidating Khloe’s memories,” but they’re not too impressed by the email. They think it’s impersonal, insincere, and that she’s just trying to blow them off. “I was trying to do therapy thinking it would make everyone happy but I feel like it kind of backfired,” Khloe says.

Kim visits Kris over a noodle luncheon, and she points out that nobody has responsed to her email. Kris notes that they might see Kim’s personal projects as “the beginning of the end” of their group dynamic and says that maybe she should reassure them it’s not the case. Kim’s standing firm that they’re being rude to her, but Kris says, “These are things you discuss in person, Kim.” When she still won’t budge and reach out with more sincerity, Kris gets uncharacteristically smart with her favorite daughter, saying “Alright Little Miss Stubborn, good luck with that if you’re not going to reach back out.”

Bruce and Kris are hanging out with Kendall and Kylie, who are toying around with some strange ski masks, and Bruce asks them about school. They admit they’re not doing well, and he circles back to the idea of homeschooling. “I just feel like you guys aren’t making the same effort that you did last semester. I think you’ve mentally checked out,” Kris says.

Kim decides to be more mature and approaches Khloe and Rob about the email issue. She first accuses them of being rude by not responding, and Khloe and Rob explain their point of view. Kim apologizes once again for being dismissive of the girls, but Khloe reminds her that she also called her a liar. Kim explains why she still thinks she was right, saying “I think because you’re so much younger than Kourtney and I that sometimes you overhear Kourtney and I talking and you think that you experienced it.”

Back at the Jenner house, Kim and Kris make small talk about half-eaten plums before addressing the matter at hand. Rob’s still not 100% happy, and she wants to do something about it. So, she wants Kris to call up their fashion friend Bruno and see about the possibility of Rob doing a men’s line for their brand. Kris thinks it’s a brilliant idea and is happy to make the call.

A call she’s not happy about, though, comes soon after when an administrator for a local day school returns an information inquiry he received about a homeschooling program. Evidently, Kendall and Kylie have gone behind her back to contact the school. When she approaches the girls about it, they say that they had no choice since she won’t listen to them. “Stick your nose in the book and try a little bit harder and maybe you’ll be okay,” she says.

Over in New York, Kim, Khloe, and Lamar are all in the city at the same time. Khloe doesn’t pass up an opportunity to pick on Kim’s wardrobe. They meet up for dinner and Khloe mentions that she’s going with Lamar to visit his family and friends in Queens. Kim says she wants to go, and Khloe says it’s okay, but “Just so you know, you can’t… wear this outfit.” “Glamor-puss” is going to have to put aside her high heels for the day if she wants to hang in Queens. She mentions her decision to tag along to Lamar, and he likes the idea because it’ll give her a chance to know more about him. Maybe it’ll make her “bourghetto” too!

Speaking of “bourghetto,” Rob shows up to his menswear meeting with Scott and a few fashion execs in a sweatshirt and ball cap. Scott’s not impressed. He tells Rob he’s not dressed like he’s taking the meeting seriously, which Rob shrugs off.

When the guys show up, they quickly point out the casual wardrobe and joke “we’re excited to make sweatpants.” When Kris arrives a little late, they point out her son’s casual attire, and he jokes “I’m trying to make a statement.” Scott’s especially irritated by the jokey nature of the gaffe, but the meeting goes off well.

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