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America's Next Top Model

ANTM’s Johnny Wujek: Victoria “Could Easily Snap” This Cycle

At this point, Victoria Henley is just kind of endearingly weird. The America's Next Top Model Cycle 19 contestant started the season by declaring herself “different,” then called a fan “racist” for finding her face boring. (But she was kidding! We think...) On Episode 2, she revealed both a deep, darn-near passionate love for her mother and a scary hunting trophy photo that made Rob Evans giggle like a tween.

But keep an eye on this girl — in fact, keep an eye on all of the college models, ‘cause they’re about to turn on one of their own, whether it’s Victoria or someone else.

Entertainment Weekly asked ANTM’s new creative consultant Johnny Wujek if any drama makes its way into his photo shoots. “I did see some drama in an upcoming episode,” he said. “There’s one contestant that the other girls are…anti. You’ll see a whole storyline with her. Other than that, everyone came to set and did their thing. I never saw it, so I always had to dig, like, ‘Who’s not getting along? What’s going on?!’”

We’ve already seen Destiny Strudwick and Kiara Belen get into a “stripper” tiff, and we know Kristin Kagay has some Mean Girl to her, but it’s possible Queen Victoria herself could turn out to be the outcast. “Victoria is such an outgoing character, but she could easily snap,” Johnny warned. “She gets so crazy worked up sometimes. The other girls don’t know how to read her yet, but they’re picking up on her weirdness, which I like!”

So maybe the girls will end up liking Victoria? She did say she didn’t have many friends, so maybe this experience will actually help to wean her off her mom.

Catch the next episode of America's Next Top Model Cycle 19: College Edition on Friday, September 7 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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