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The Bachelorette

Bachelor Pad 3 Finale Is “Wildest, Craziest, Most Dramatic and Devastating” EVER — Chris Harrison

Every morning Chris Harrison probably declares it the most dramatic sunrise ever — but previews for Monday’s Bachelor Pad 3 finale do hint to more drama than usual.

Last season’s finale ended with Michael Stagliano and Holly Durst splitting the $250,000 jackpot as Holly announced her surprise engagement to fellow BP2 housemate Blake Julian, who is now her husband. According to The Rosemaster, the BP3 finale will top that drama — and any other drama they’ve ever shown in a two-hour stint. We’ll have to see if that’s big talk or real talk.

Chris tells TV Guide Jaclyn Swartz “definitely had it out” with Rachel Truehart over her best friend’s decision to take a different couple to the finals. “She's still pissed she got screwed over.” Speaking of pissed, Rachel has her own anger to unleash at her house love, Michael Stagliano, and Chris Bukowski must faces his many exes.

“Next week, Chris deals with facing the women, [and] there's still animosity there,” The Rosemaster teases. “The Michael and Rachel [fallout] is huge. There are five or six big bombs this time. It's the wildest two hours we've probably ever produced on this show.”

Chris H. echoes that wild and crazy finale tease at the end of his Entertainment Weekly blog on Episode 7:

“So next week in front of a live studio audience, you will witness one of the wildest, craziest, most dramatic and devastatingly stunning shows you have ever seen. It’s an action-packed two hours that is off the rails from start to finish. We’ll tell you what really happened to Rachel and Michael after the show; Chris has to face all the women he played in the house and own up to his actions; Kalon and Lindzi will tell us what they’re up to. Oh, and there’s the little matter of a quarter of a million dollars to be handed out. I can’t emphasize it enough, you do not want to miss this!”

We wouldn’t miss it for the world! What drama are you most excited to see play out on Monday — the money drama, the relationship drama, the friendship betrayal drama?

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