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The Bachelorette

Bachelor Pad 3 Power Rankings for Episode 7: The Final Four Contestants

Did you enjoy this week's cornucopia of mouth-watering hotties on Bachelor Pad 3? Join the club — but now comes the hard part. It's time to figure out which dudes and dudettes are at the front of the whack pack! We've ranked the most powerful players from Bachelor Pad 3, Episode 7 based on their chance of winning next week's finale. Don't forget, the ghost of Bachelors past (aka former contestants) will be voting for the winners, which means it's time to play favorites!

Name: Chris
Ranking: 4
Pros: Everytime we see Chris Bukowski's six pack we dance a little Polish jig and shove a few perogies in our mouths. As of now, that's the only thing he has going for him in The Pad — a sinister place where people watch The CW's Everyone Hates Chris on repeat.
Cons: We have no doubt that former contestants will band together to take Chris down during the finale. Especially if he starts screaming "I'm a grown-ass man" at everyone. That speech definitely didn't win him any fans. Then again, Chris can always hypnotize his haters with his mysterious blue-eyed charm.

Team: Sarah
Ranking: 3
Pros: Despite the fact that she's partnered with The Pad's public enemy number one, Sarah is a sweet girl who's been nothing but nice to her fellow contestants. Yeah, yeah, she rendered everyone deaf and blind during her performance of "Sister Christian," but that's nothing some jungle juice can't fix.
Cons: We're worried Sarah wasn't able to get out of her blue plastic pants. Has anyone heard from her? Please form a search party.

Name: Nick
Ranking: 2
Pros: Welcome to The Gun Show, ladies, a magical place full of Nick's flexed biceps. How can this guy not win? Not only is he totally likable, he managed to get through an entire season without a) crying hysterically, b) catching an STI, c) dry humping a moving object, d) flopping around in a pit of fudge. Basically, he's a winner.
Cons: Nick was in his own world (read: happy place) for most of Bachelor Pad. In fact, he rarely socialized with the rest of the house, which means his fellow contestants might not be too eager to give him their votes. Not even a last minute round of "pass the pickle" can get him out of this mess.

Name: Rachel
Ranking: 1
Pros: You guys, Rachel has come so far. Despite the fact that her bangs are still in love with Michael Stagliano, the rest of her body is ready to take the win. Rachel is sweet and innocent, and everyone in on The Pad loves her. Except for The Stag. You broke her heart, Michael. And we've written so many songs about it.
Cons: Rachel made a huge mistake when she had that existential crisis after Michael left. People doubt whether she wants the cash money as much as the rest of them, and — more importantly — whether she deserves it. This situation is even more sticky than the one in Chris Bukowski's bunk bed.