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The Bachelorette

Chris Harrison’s Bachelor Pad 3 Blog: I Feel Sorry for Rachel For Letting Nick Push Her Into Decision

He wore her down. Maybe that’s what Nick Peterson has been doing this whole time on Bachelor Pad 3 — saving his energy for the hard sell, which he gave Rachel Truehart last night on Episode 7.

Chris Harrison says it took a long time for Nick and Rachel to make their final couple decision, which means Rachel did stay loyal to her friend Jaclyn Swartz before eventually just giving in.

Here are more how-we-got-here highlights from The Rosemaster’s Entertainment Weekly blog.

Credit: ABC    

The best of a bad concert: “Nick and Rachel had to go first, which put a ton of pressure on them, and let’s face it, nobody expected much from Nick. Actually, if we’re being honest, most of them didn’t know who Nick was or why he was on stage. Rachel and Nick came out of the box swinging and they did a pretty good job. [...] Nick and Rachel were the clear cut easy winners of the final challenge, not only earning themselves a spot in the finals, but they also got to decide which couple would be joining them.”

Best friend betrayal: “To me what came next will easily go down as the most important and pivotal moment of Bachelor Pad so far. Rachel and Jaclyn are best friends and there was no doubt that she was going to bring her and Ed with them to the finals, and if Michael were still around, that’s exactly what would have happened. But he’s not here, and we have the wild card in Nick. Nick had a very simple clear-cut agenda: win the money. To have the best chance of winning this whole game, Nick knew that they would be better off facing Chris and Sarah and not Ed and Jaclyn. We showed enough for you to get the idea, but the decision process took a very long time. Rachel was adamant on taking Jaclyn but Nick was strong in his convictions and eventually wore Rachel down.”

Nick pushes his way to the finals: “It was incredibly emotional at the rose ceremony. I felt really bad for Jaclyn but I also felt bad for Rachel. She got pushed into making a decision she didn’t want to make at all. She was gutted and couldn’t believe she had been led down that path by Nick. To his credit, Nick has been completely dismissed as a nobody in this game. No one gave him any thought and even Rachel in the end didn’t really want him as a partner. But somehow, someway, he has found himself in the finals facing the couple he wanted to face in Chris and Sarah.”

How do you feel about the final two couples and how we arrived at them? Do you respect Nick for his sudden surge of strong game-play? Are you upset with Rachel for caving or did she make a smart decision? Does Jaclyn have a right to be so angry? Do Chris and Sarah have a prayer of winning? Which couple would get your vote to win, if you were on the jury?

Source: Entertainment Weekly