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Real Housewives of New York

Sonja Morgan: I’m Not White Trash!

Things got pretty sticky on Real Housewives of New York Season 5: Episode 14: “Slutty Island” when Aviva Drescher called co-stars Sonja Morgan and Ramona Singer “white trash,” and while she’s admitted to going “overboard” with the comment already, that hasn’t stopped one victim of her word-slinging from speaking up against the nasty words.

It all began when Aviva arrived with her hubby Reid to the gals’ St. Barts vacation home. Aviva, who’s terrified of flying in small planes, needed some moral support from her man in order to make the trek, and when she arrived, she found that Sonja and Ramona were not very enthused about her plus one’s presence.

Rather than rolling out the welcome mat for Reid, the two continued to swim in the near-nude, and when Reid went off to his room, Aviva approach the duo about their behavior.
Tensions escalated, and Aviva wound up calling them “both white trash.” “Nobody treats my husband that way,” she supplemented. Aviva has since admitted that the comment went too far.

In Sonja’s latest Bravo blog, she defended herself against the claim by explaining why exactly it is that she is not “white trash.”

“I pay my bills in full and work my can off to support my daughter, maintain my assets, pay off my judgement I received while producing movies, keep my home, and stay independent,” she wrote. “If I am white trash then I really want to embrace my inner trash, because at least I don't go around calling people nasty names. I am who I am and I want to be with people who accept me the way that I am.”

She also defended Ramonja’s treatment of Reid, declaring that it was supposed to be a girl’s trip with no men allowed.

“We were completely honest with Aviva and how we felt about Reid’s presence but it wasn’t enough. Never enough. What does she want from us? Ramona is right. . .did she want us to paint Reid’s name on our forehead?” Sonja added. “We were being real and telling her exactly how we felt … And even as Aviva allowed it all to escalate out of proportion I tried to diffuse the situation and then BAM! Ramona and I are being called white trash?!?”

Sonja added that while she didn’t give Reid the warmest welcome possible at first, we didn’t see it when she later fixed his shower for them. Harumph.

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