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The Bachelorette

Top 10 Quotes From Bachelor Pad 3, Episode 7: “She’s Dead to Me!”

What's your price for flight? We’d pay just about anything to not hear another concert that bad. We’re motorin' far, far away from “Sister Christian” after Bachelor Pad 3, Episode 7. (Did they really have to hold this challenge after dumping Michael Stagliano, aka the one guy who can actually sing?) “Sister Christian” is supposedly about siblings — and/or boobs — and even though Jaclyn Swartz said right on the premiere that she expected to win $250K and lose friends, she was apparently shocked that her sister-soldier BFF Rachel Truehart made a strategic decision in the end. Although “anonymous person” Nick Peterson really made the decision for both of them. Way to end strong, man! But what about Jaclyn and Rachel? Will they be all right tonight or is their friendship motorin’ out of Bachelor Nation? As you ponder that, along with what you would’ve done in their shoes, check out these 10 quotes from BP3 Episode 7.

10. Chris Bukowski: "I don't think anyone's really trusted me. I don't know why. I've been playing the game just like y'all have been playing the game."
That's right — all of the guys have been juggling three women at once. Don't judge!

9. Nick Peterson [on picking Chris and Sarah to face in the finals]: “We gotta do it. Guaranteed win.”
Unless someone on the jury asks them to spell for their vote...

8. Tony Pieper [on his son]: "Even though I'm not leaving with $250,000, I've just gotta love him — and that's what I do better than anything else, is love him.”
Your son didn’t have to watch you wear guyliner and sing “Sister Christian.” You won, man.

7. Sarah Newlon: "My singing sounds like a 13-year-old boy going through puberty."
"More like a 9-year-old," Justin Bieber sniffs.

6. Jaclyn Swartz: “I can’t tell if Sarah is dancing or if there’s something legitimately wrong with her. I’m about to call the medic. Somebody help us.”
Does delusional count as legitimately wrong?

5. Nick: "See, we don't really know what the song is about. Motor-boating, for me. I think of boobs when I think of motoring."
What a shame Blakeley wasn’t around anymore for inspiration.

4. Ed Swiderski: "I have my karaoke PhD..."
It's actually a P.H.D. in Pickle Humping Dude.

3. Nick [on Jaclyn and Ed’s performance]: “This song is about a brother and sister and the brother is giving his sister advice — [and] they dry humped on stage.”
Maybe they were playing the brother and sister on Game of Thrones.

2. Ed: "Sarah looked like a monkey that was being electrocuted on stage by some kind of thunderbolt coming down on her."
And the thunderbolt forced her to strip down, remove her partner’s shirt and have a seizure.

1. Jaclyn [on Rachel]: "Go f--k yourself. I want nothing to do with her ever again.… She’s dead to me."
Totally! It was incredibly rude of her to not just hand you $250,000! What did she think this was, a game?!