What Would You Do on Bachelor Pad 3: Pick Friendship or Strategy?
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The Bachelorette

What Would You Do on Bachelor Pad 3: Pick Friendship or Strategy?

Based on the number of f-bombs that just came out of Jaclyn Swartz’s mouth, it’s safe to say she was not happy that her “best friend” Rachel Truehart decided to take someone else to the Bachelor Pad 3 finale. (What a shame the lyrics to “Sister Christian” aren’t just “she’s a piece of sh-t!” repeated over and over again. Jaclyn would’ve remembered that.)

But considering Rachel and Jaclyn have been hanging out together after the filming of BP3, it doesn’t look like their friendship is really dead.

So what would you do, if you were in Rachel’s shoes? Would you gamble on the idea that your friend will understand it’s all a game, and strategy has to trump friendship when you’re pretty sure your friend could beat you in the end? Or would you stick with your friend and gamble on the idea that you might actually win against them anyway? If you lose, at least you know you stood by your friend. However, if you lose, you also know you took your partner down with you, just so you personally could feel good about yourself as a friend.

Rachel probably would’ve chosen Jaclyn on her own, but she had Nick by her side. Nick was definitely thinking more strategically. Would you, as his partner, go along with his logical viewpoint or fight harder to stick by your friend?