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The Bachelorette

Who Are The Bachelor Pad 3 Final Two Couples?

Warning, West Coast viewers: Spoilers below!

Credit: ABC via WENN    

In Bachelor Pad 3, Episode 7, Rachel Truehart and Nick Peterson had a difficult decision to make: to pick the couple who will face off with them in the finale. Rachel argues that viewers (and eliminated contestants) might think Chris Bukowski and Sarah Newlon deserve a shot at the money more than Jaclyn Swartz and Ed Swiderski. As Nick overtones in his confessional, “this decision comes down to friendship versus $250,000. The more strategic move would be to take Chris and Sarah to the finals, and I gotta convince her.”

Rachel is visibly wrecked about the idea of sending her BFF home — and isn’t persuaded by Nick insisting, “What are you here for? You’re here for the money, right? If you want the money, we take Chris and Sarah. We gotta do it. We have guaranteed votes if we take Chris and Sarah.”

The Final Two Couples:
Rachel Truehart and Nick Peterson
Chris Bukowski and Sarah Newlon

Do you think Rachel and Nick made the right decision?

Tune in to ABC next week, September 10, 2012, for the season finale of Bachelor Pad 3.