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The Vampire Diaries

A Detailed Analysis of The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Promo Video: Near-Death Experiences

Bravo, CW. The promo video for The Vampire Diaries Season 4 had us pausing, rewinding, and jamming. (The soundtrack is courtesy of The Heavy and their “What Makes a Good Man” song.) Not only are we worried for almost everyone — Elena (Nina Dobrev), Stefan (Paul Wesley), Caroline (Candice Accola), and Bonnie (Kat Graham) all had their lives threatened at some point — but we got a peek at Mystic Falls’ newest vampire. Sit back and enjoy the ride, fang fans. This promo has enough teasers to keep us on pins and needles until the October 11 premiere.

0:01 – 0:14 Previously on The Vampire Diaries
Did you forget that Elena nearly died after being pumped full of blood by Dr. Fell? No worries. The promo has you covered.

0:16 October 11
The CW would like to remind you that you have to wait a full extra month for the fall premieres of their shows.

0:17 Rude awakening
Elena thinks she’s dead. (To be fair, staring at the Salvatores could convince anyone they’re in heaven.)

0:19 Stefan avoids eye contact.
Hallmark doesn’t make a card for this moment. Though maybe they should start?

0:20 Realization sinks in.
Elena definitely is not Bella.

0:24 Bonnie breaks it down.
Textbook description of “transition” there, Bon.

0:25 Elena and Jeremy hug.
Sorry everyone you love is dead, Jer.

0:27 Incurable romantic
Stefan wants to bring Elena back from the undead.

0:29 Damon’s philosophy
Bite the bullet (or blood donor)

0:31 JerBer don’t care.
Little brothers. Always ragging on girls about their fangs.

0:37 A simple plan
Put another notch in her belt: Bonnie’s going to sacrifice herself. Again.

0:39 Oh, now Jeremy has a problem with someone getting killed.
Jeremy and Bonnie, sitting in a tree. Hopefully not d-y-i-n-g.

0:42 Coed naked hiking
Caroline and Tyler (or is it Klyler?) strip in broad daylight, outdoors. Get a cave, you two.

0:44 Guns, jerks, and steel
A cop pulls a gun on someone (possibly Elena) locked in a cell.

0:45 Breaking blonds
Caroline and another blond (Rebekah?) get into a pretty serious car wreck.

0:50 Stefan is there for Elena.
She’s been waiting her whole afterlife for a moment like this.

0:53 A random dude acts menacing.
There’s a new sheriff in town (literally?), and he’s not vampire-friendly.

0:55 Ring around Stefan
All the guns are on Stefan...

0:57 Bonnie starts to shake.
Is this the sight of a good witch going bad?

0:59 Elena sounds hoarse.
Get the girl a blood-shake, stat!

1:01 Stefan thrills with his manliness.
Ooh, we kinda like it when Stefan’s angry.

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