Alex McCord: RHONY Producers Set Up Aviva for a Fight With Ramonja (VIDEO)
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Real Housewives of New York

Alex McCord: RHONY Producers Set Up Aviva for a Fight With Ramonja (VIDEO)

We can always count on Real Housewives of New York alum Alex McCord to set the record straight on what went down behind-the-scenes for each episode. In her latest RumorFix vlog on Season 5, Episode 14: “Slutty Island,” Alex said that she suspects the producers had a major hand in setting up the epic drama that went down between Aviva Drescher and co-stars Ramona Singer and Sonja Morgan in St. Barths.

As you might recall, Aviva was furious with Ramonja for not giving her hubby Reid a warm welcome when the couple arrived to St. Barths. Aviva needed Reid to join her for the flight because she’s terribly afraid of air travel, and when she finally arrived with Reid, the two were prancing around in the pool half-naked – not exactly bringing out the welcome wagon. Aviva was mad enough about that, and then LuAnn de Lesseps chipped in with a comment which really fueled the fire, saying “C’mon guys, yesterday you were asking me, ‘How are we going to tell Reid to leave?’ You were asking me to do it, c’mon.’”

According to Alex, this was all coerced by the savvy producers.

“St. Barths is where the producers will have spent most if not all of their money ... this is the big budget trip, and it is part of Aviva's job to show up. Notice you've got all of the ladies there. Everybody had to be there,” she explained.

“Aviva might've put her foot down and said, 'You know what? I'm not going on this trip with ladies I don't like unless you fly my husband down, I want my husband.' Stamp, stamp, stamp. She's acting like a two-year-old. And guess what? The producers would not have said, 'Aviva that's a bad idea. Aviva you'll be ostracized. Aviva this is crazy.' No, they would have been wiping the drool off their chins going 'Sure! Yea! Your husband can come, no problem' while double-dealing at the same time, telling the other ladies, 'Isn't it unfair? Don't you wish your husband or boyfriend or significant other was coming? Don't you think he's going to upset the dynamic? LuAnn, don't you think Ramona and Sonja are being crazy?' LuAnn's always good for just running off her mouth, as Ramona and Sonja said, yeah, she instigated, she was the one who said it, we all saw it.”

If that’s true, the producers got their money’s worth because the big St. Barths battle definitely made for some must-see TV!

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Source: RumorFix

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