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Are Bachelor Pad 3’s Kalon and Lindzi Dating Exclusively? — Reality Steve Weighs In!

Every since we first saw Kalon McMahon and Lindzi Cox snuggled up together on Bachelor Pad 3 we’ve rooted for them as our favorite posh pair with remarkable tans. We’ve seen the pics of Kalon and Lindzi hanging out together post-Pad, but we’ve heard conflicting reports as to whether or not they are still romantically involved.

Despite Kalon’s recent conference call, in which he declared his devotion to Lindzi, Bachelor Nation guru Reality Steve is staying skeptical about the legitimacy of Kindzi. He explains in his latest blog:

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Are Kalon and Lindzi still close? Yes. Are Kalon and Lindzi attracted to each other? Absolutely. Have Kalon and Lindzi spent a lot of time together since the show ended? Yep. When you see them on the finale next week will they say they’re still together? Yes again. Are they friends with benefits? Without a doubt. I’m just here to tell you that they are not a couple.

At least not a “couple,” Steve speculates, in the sense that those not Bachelor-affiliated might consider to be defined as a real couple. He elaborates,

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You gotta remember, we’re dealing with people in this franchise. Putting a label on these ‘couples’ is pretty much impossible. Outside of ones that are married or engaged, or ones that are living together or have been together for over a year, it’s basically impossible to believe any labels any of them give their relationships. So no, Kalon and Lindzi are not in an exclusive, 1-on-1, monogamous relationship. I don’t know why he’s pretending publicly that they are.

While it’s not really up to us to decide what Kalon and Lindzi define as “couplehood,” Steve does sound very convincing with his take on how serious these two actually are about their relationship.

Either way, we think Kindzi are adorable together — and could single-handedly spawn a formidable army of bronzed children primed for world domination. Their weapons? Sophisticated fashion sense and blindingly white smiles.

Source: Reality Steve

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