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Dance Moms Season 2, Episode 25 Recap: “Miss Abby’s Making Me Dance Out In the Street”

This week on the penultimate episode of Dance Moms Season 2 (It’s true! This season will end!), the tiny dancers are on their way to Nationals (just like Glee). Prepare for tears, a homemade music video, dance moms-turned-stage moms, and Hollywood! In other words, doors slammed in crying faces.

Abby gives a brief speech about Nakaya, and why she’s no longer on the team. The explanation? Christi was rude. Sums it up!

Kendall is finally officially on the team, putting her back on the very bottom of the Pyramid of Doom, and Jill is surprisingly blasé about it. Improvement! Rounding out the bottom are Paige (for being injured, how dare she…), Brooke (for being slow), and Maddie. Abby says she didn’t stand out like the superstar she always is.

In the middle are Nia and Chloe, for not winning #1. On the top is itty bitty Mackenzie! Anyone else notice that she’s growing up before our eyes? She has actual self-consciousness going on all of a sudden.

This week, Abby will be personally judging the girls at the competition in order to make decisions on who will perform at Nationals in next week’s season finale. Mackenzie will be doing a solo, and Chloe gets a solo. So does Kendall, and so does Paige. And so does Brooke, and so does Nia. Everyone gets a solo except for Maddie, who is crying. Abby decides not to, because she thinks Melissa is the one who wants it. “Maddie, toughen up. You’re going to go to an audition and not get picked someday. Get it?” says Abby, encouragingly.

Melissa sneakily sneaks out of rehearsal, pretending she’s just bored, even though “dance is her life,” as Christi puts it. Really, Melissa is taking Maddie and Mackenzie to a general meeting with a Los Angeles talent agent. Honestly, we would pay Mackenzie just to hang out with us for a day, so we think she should get work pretty fast. Maddie seems a little emotional though, after the solo drama.

Next, Paige is crying because her foot hurts. We make a prediction: Paige will have to back out, and then Maddie will ask Abby properly for a solo, and then all will be well. Except for Paige’s foot, which seems to have been broken for the entire season at this point.

The girls all go pretend to be backup singers for Brooke at a studio that Kelly paid too much for, and they pretend to make a music video directed by Abby. It’s sort of adorable, but let’s move on.

Credit: Lifetime    

Abby is sort of amazing throughout this episode, no? Her speech to M&M about the moms being “vultures” that they’ll never see after high school, in particular, is a personal favorite. If only we’d had Abby around to tell us that!

Mackenie is too cute for words before her solo, until about halfway through, when she just goes blank. Like a real trooper, she continues with the dance. What a pro! Next is Kendall, with a lot to prove. We’d like to note that she is wearing a big pair of purple lips … as a top. Alas, we wish Kendall was a better dancer, but she strikes us as more of an athlete.

Nia’s solo, as always, is perfectly entertaining, and she has such a future on Broadway. Maddie is up next, and of course she kills it. We do wonder where she goes from being an excellent lyrical dancer though. A video girl? An instructor? She’s not a ballerina like Chloe. Maybe it’s acting, after all!

Chloe is the graceful ballet genius that she always is, beautiful as can be. Paige can’t even come close to doing all that she can because of her injury, but we kind of love the routine, and hope she gets to do it again. And Brooke does the ultimate neck dances in the ultimate neck dancing performance.

The awards are announced, and Mackenzie wins 1st place for her Mini Solo category! Next up are the Elite Junior Soloists, and Chloe wins 6th place, Kendall wins 5th place, and Maddie wins 1st place!

But that means, of course, that Nia and Paige didn’t place. Brooke won 4th place for the Teen category. So who will dance at Nationals? Abby Lee decides next week in the Season 2 finale.

See you then!

Catch the Dance Moms Season 2 finale on Tuesday, September 11 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Lifetime.

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