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Did Tyler Baltierra Disown His Father Butch?

Prepare to ugly-cry, ladies (and gents, we see you too!). It's time to chat about Catelynn, Tyler and a mysterious creature known as Butch. Yep, it's the Teen Mom Season 4 Reunion Special, and Cate and Ty are serving up a plate full of drama.

During the epic series finale, Tyler wrote Butch a note officially cutting him and his free-flowing mullet out of his life. But did he send it? Nope!

"I never sent it," Tyler told Dr. Drew. "Never sent the letter. I just don't have the heart. I don't know, it's weird. I just can't give up on the guy."

But just because Tyler is unwilling to cut his dad off, doesn't mean he approves of what Butch did to Cate's mom, April. Far from it!

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"I think he is less of a man than I've seen any man be, abusing a woman like that and getting intoxicated like that," Tyler said. "It makes me sick."

Butch is still in jail for parole violation, but April joined Dr. Drew for a therapeutic bonding session.

"I just thought he was really gonna hurt me," she explained. "I wouldn't let him kill me, I was fighting back. I wasn't afraid of dying, I was just afraid he was gonna hurt me bad."

Unfortunately, April is "addicted" to Butch (join the club, girl), and said addiction has affected her relationship with Catelynn.

"I know that you told me that Butch was in your ear barking, but I guess I feel like that shouldn't matter. When it comes down to your children, you're supposed to be there," Catelynn told her mom.

Sounds like these two still have a lot to work on — but that's what Teen Mom Season 5 is for! Oh, wait. Nooooo!

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09.5.2012 / 07:27 PM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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