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Glee Season 4: Love Triangle! Is Jake Puckerman Romancing Both Marley and Kitty?

Puck (Mark Salling) has been in his fair share of love triangles on Glee, and it looks like his younger brother may be following in his footsteps with McKinley’s new girls. Translation: Jake (Jacob Artist) will be making his older bro proud.

New Glee cast member Jacob Artist recently spoke to TV Line and the soon-to-be heartbreaker says that he’s been filming a lot of scenes with Glee’s two newest females. “Drama-wise, there’s gonna be a lot of ups and downs with the two new girls — Marley [Melissa Benoist] and Kitty [Becca Tobin],” Jacob says. “There’ll be a lot of things unfolding in and amongst the three of them for sure.”

So what exactly does this mean? We can’t help but wonder if the thing that’s “unfolding” just might be a budding love triangle. When asked about this possibility, Jacob just laughed and hedged his bets. “Maybe — we’ll have to see,” he says cryptically. Why you gotta be so evasive, dude?

Credit: FOX ©2012 Fox Broadcasting Co.    

Jacob also says that Jake and Puck have the same father but grew up in different households, and it remains to be seen how many scenes the two will share onscreen. While the elder Puck was “more of the outspoken bully,” Jake is “more about feeling like he has to have his guard up.” In other words: “He hasn’t thrown any slushies yet.” At least that’s a good sign.

Jacob — who was accepted into Juilliard in his senior year but turned it down to chase down his acting dreams in L.A. — says he was bullied for loving to dance, and that’s a possible storyline for the show to explore. “I started dancing when I was five, and I trained intensively as a competitive dancer up until the end of high school,” he says. “I did all genres, and later on a did a lot of extra ballet on top of that.” In other words, you shouldn’t challenge him to a dance-off.

And maybe Jake can resolve his frustrations via cutting a rug, like in the film Footloose? We shall see.

Source: TV Line

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