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Glee Season 4 Spoilers: Santana’s Serenading Brittany — But Here’s Why It Won’t Be a Disney Song

Glee creator Ryan Murphy has been sharing more behind-the-scenes scoop and spoilers lately than we know what to do with. From Klaine info to romantic Brochel duets, Damian McGinty’s big Glee return and more — following Ryan on Twitter almost feels like you’re getting an exclusive backstage pass to visit the Glee set.

Recently, Ryan took a moment to open up about the future of Brittana. And we have to say: even though the couple is currently in danger of falling prey to that big break-up, Ryan’s tweets still managed to make the future look pretty rosy!

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When a fan asked him about the future of Brittana, Ryan revealed that Santana (Naya Rivera) will be serenading Brittany by singing Taylor Swift’s “Mine.” To put it simply, we couldn't be happier about this. “Mine” is definitely not a break-up song!

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Also on Twitter, a fan told Ryan, “Just wanted to tell you.. I'm tired of seeing Brittany as silly.. I would like to be more independent and mature.” The Glee creator responded, “Then wait til season 4. Your wishes come true.”

Brittany’s becoming more independent and mature? It will be nice to see her as more than just the adorably doltish comedic relief. Well, as long as independence isn’t code for “break-up,” that is.

In other Twitter news, Ryan also revealed that he’d love to do a Moulin Rouge tribute episode, but that nothing is in the works quite yet. “I talked to Baz about doing an MR tribute episode. I love him. He is so talented” he wrote.

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But while Ryan revealed that seemingly-ousted Damian McGinty (Rory) would be back for an episode, he couldn’t say the same about Grant Gustin (Sebastian). Grant’s rep has said he’d be open to returning, but Ryan seemed to imply that the ball is actually in Grant’s court. Whether or not Sebastian comes back, Ryan tweeted, that is, “Up to Grant.”

And if you’ve ever wondered how Glee can possibly have gone three entire seasons without once covering any of those classic Disney tunes, Ryan has an answer for that, too! The Glee creator tweeted, “Disney won't let us license a lot of their songs because we are a Fox show. But I won't stop trying.”

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