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Ashley Spivey’s Bachelor Pad 3 Blog: I Don’t Blame Jaclyn For Being Pissed

With only one episode, it’s with a heavy heart we read Ashley Spivey’s second-to-last Bachelor Pad 3 blog. She’s got the sads, too — after watching this week’s gut-wrenching drama unfold, who wouldn’t?

Tony Pieper and Blakeley Jones’s goodbye was the first bummer. Ashley’s never been a huge fan of Chris Bukowski’s and watching him eliminate his buddy didn’t help matters. Luckily Tony and Blakely have each other, and Ashley’s a big fan of them as a couple!

Tony and Blakeley have now graduated from awkute to cute in my book. However, I wonder if there was any part of Tony that blamed Blakeley for their elimination? I’m guessing — no. He seems like such a sweet person, I bet he was just so excited to leave with someone that could possibly be a step-mom to his son!

After the first wave of sadness subsided, it was time for the stomach-churning experience that was “Sister Christian” karaoke. Ashley was as kind as she could be, but when it came to Chris and Sarah Newlon’s performance, she had to speak the truth.

We all saw Chris’ dance moves during Emily’s season so I’m glad that he stuck to gyrating in one place and singing. However, Sarah’s dance moves and vocal-stylings were truly the star of this performance. But by star, I really mean a scary black hole.

Credit: Wenn    

Once Nick Peterson and Rachel had won the challenge, now came the really tough decisions of who to eliminate. Ashley didn’t feel that Rachel stood up for herself the way she could have to find a solution that would have benefitted everyone. She explains, “I’m a little surprised that Rachel didn’t fight back a little more. Was it really that easy to decide? Could they not have taken a couple and then split the money like last year’s final couples?” Meet Ashley Spivey, resident Bachelor diplomat!

The real clutching-body-pillow-for-dear-life-sobs came after Rachel and Nick delivered the cutthroat news to Jaclyn Swartz and Ed Swiderski, because both Rachel and Jaclyn knew that it was the death knell of their friendship, too.

Both Rachel and Jaclyn seem pretty distraught about Rachel’s choice, but Jaclyn seems more hurt and pissed than anything and I can’t blame her. I’d be pretty pissed too. While her words were a little harsh in the limo, I can totally understand where they were coming from. As much as I love Ashley Hebert, I would be so mad if we were on Bachelor Pad together and she ended up voting me out. Would I let it destroy our friendship? No, but I would spout off a lot of cuss words first.

Ashley’s nothing if not fair — we can’t wait to see what she says about next week’s finale!

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09.6.2012 / 05:17 AM EDT by Daynah Burnett
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