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Jersey Shore

Can Snooki Really Give Up Her Partying Lifestyle?

Are the days of being wasteypants really over?

In a recent interview with People, new mom Snooki declared that she had given up partying. "The partying is long gone. I'm a new person," Snooki told the magazine, adding that she might have “a glass of wine” every now and then, but she will be entirely committed to raising her child with fiance Jionni.

But the real question is, can the 24-year-old Jersey Shore star really avoid falling back into her partying lifestyle? After all, lots of young famous mothers have fallen into a spiral of partying after they popped out a baby. (We're looking at you, Teen Mom stars.) But we think that the new, quieter, more mature Snooki is here to stay. Here are a few reasons why.

1. She handled her surprise pregnancy with grace and ease. Despite some haters wishing all sorts of nasty things on her when she first announced her pregnancy, Snooki reformed her hard-partying ways and dedicated herself to making sure her then-unborn child was healthy and happy. And we aren’t just talking about giving up Ron-Ron juice, Snooki studied up on pregnancy and giving birth to make sure that she was more than prepared. The result? A healthy and beautiful baby boy.

2. Snooki doesn’t need to drink to be crazy. Anyone who has watched Snooki & JWOWW know that a sober Snooki is just as funny and crazy as a drunk Snooki. She still dishes out great bon mots and says ridiculous things without being under the influence of alcohol.

3. She’s completely and utterly in love with Lorenzo. This seems obvious, but Snooki does actually seem obsessed with her new baby. She is constantly tweeting about him and she can’t stop telling everyone how much she loves him (and Jionni, of course). Love this strong is sure to make Snooki reevaluate her lifestyle choices for good.

4. She’s always been a responsible lady. No, we are not joking. Aside from the partying, that Seaside Heights arrest, and general reality TV silliness, Snooki has mostly kept it together. Snooki has been responsible with her money, eschewing expensive purchases and the extravagant lifestyle in favor of living quietly at Jionni’s parent’s home in the suburbs. She has also managed to turn what could have been 15 minutes of D-list fame into several years (and counting!) of A-list status. She knows what she is doing, believe it or not!

Do you think Snooki will be able to reform herself into a good mom? Vote below.

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