Credit: Mike Yarish/Adam Rose/FOX ©2012 Fox Broadcasting Co.    
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Glee’s Dean Geyer: Lea Michele and I Have Tons of Chemistry as Rachel and Brody

We may have thought that Glee’s Rachel (Lea Michele) and Finn (Cory Monteith) have had scorching-hot chemistry over the years, but Finn isn’t the only guy who Rachel looks good with on screen.

Glee’s new heartthrob Dean Geyer (Brody) chatted with Theater Mania and says that sparks were flying between him and Lea Michele from the very beginning. "There had to be lot of chemistry between us, and even though we had to wing it, it worked,” he says. We’re starting to perspire just thinking about it.

Dean says that Lea was in his corner from the get-go, even when he was still auditioning against two other candidates. “After the screen test, Lea came up and told me I was fantastic and the best of the three guys," he says. Talk about high praise!

Credit: Mike Yarish/Adam Rose/FOX ©2012 Fox Broadcasting Co.    

Lea has helped made Dean’s transition easy, and he says that fans will be thrilled with the direction of her character this season. "She is so easy to work with — I think because she's so passionate about the work and loves being on the set," he says. "And I think Lea is really enjoying exploring the new Rachel. This new storyline is giving her a chance to break out of who she's been.”

Dean admits that he’s a little worried about being the guy who comes between Finchel — and their passionate fans. “In this business, you are never going to please everyone, and so maybe you're going to get hate mail," he says. "But this is just my work, and it's fun to play this character who may be shaking things up.” Just as long as he doesn’t shake things up too much.

And Dean hasn’t had done much with the Lima-based characters, but there’s one performer in particular whom he’s hoping to work with. “Acting-wise, I haven't done a lot of comedy, so I would love to work with Jane Lynch," Dean says.

However, he realizes that sharing a scene with Sue could have its occupational hazards. “I might even get a slurpee thrown in my face, but I don't care,” he adds. Now that’s dedication to the craft.

Source: Theater Mania

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