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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Spoiler: Derek and Meredith Get Sexy in Their Dream House!

Season 9 of Grey's Anatomy is looking a little grim if we’re being honest. Other than Alex’s (Justin Chambers) love and Bailey’s (Chanda Wilson) wedding, it’s all death, anger and craziness. But don’t forget that Shonda Rhimes has claimed this the “season of romance,” and now we have an inkling of understanding as to why.

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TVLine reports that despite all of the chaos surrounding the couple, Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) and Derek (Patrick Dempsey) will work to keep things fresh and sexy in their relationship.

“One of the things I said to the writers was, ‘I want a lot more romantic scenes. I want to see that Derek and Meredith are a happy, sexy couple.’ They basically settled down in a lot of ways. They are very settled. They’re married, they have a child, and they’re both working. I want to see what that means for them as a couple and how they, against the odds, manage to keep that relationship sexy and fun. So we’re playing with that and it’s been really fun,” Rhimes said.

As much as that news excites us, we’re almost just as excited about the where of these events. Finally, after years in the making (Remember the house of candles in the Season 4 finale?!), Meredith and Derek will be moving into their dream house.

“We’re spending a lot of money and it’s quite beautiful. Viewers saw a little bit of it last season, and we just sort of expanded on that a little bit,” Rhimes said.

We would say that we’re sad to say goodbye to Meredith’s old house, but we’re almost positive that it will remain filled with residents, attendings, interns or anyone else who shows up at Seattle Grace-Mercy West in need of a roommate (or six).

In addition to speaking with Shonda, TVLine posted a photo of Derek and Meredith sharing a quick kiss in the hallways of the hospital. Could they have just come from an on-call room? Or perhaps they’re trying to find little moments of romance during the busy work day. Either way, they look happy. And if they’re happy, we’re happy!

So there you have it: A bit of light in the darkness for Season 9. Is it enough for you? Are you excited about more romance for Derek and Meredith?

How about this: Is there something the couple has never done or experienced that you would like to see Shonda explore this year? Hit the comments!

Grey’s Anatomy Season 9 will premiere on Thursday, September 27 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

Source: TVLine

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Credit: Richard Cartwright/ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney