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Jersey Shore

Is Sammi and Ronnie Moving In Together a Good Idea?

Sammi and Ronnie have had a difficult journey as a couple, and it's been documented almost every step of the way. Between Jersey Shore, interviews, and paparazzi photos, it almost feels like the fans know them.

One thing it doesn't take being SamRon's BFF to know is that the road to happiness has been rocky for these two. They were fighting within days of getting together on Season 1. Season 2 brought us Ronnie sleeping around the Great Letter Incident of 2010. And their conflict reached its greatest height in Season 3, when Ronnie trashed Sammi's room and tried to throw her bed out of the window — with her on it!

At the time, we would have said the relationship was a lost cause. But Sammi and Ronnie have mellowed down since then, and in Season 5 they seemed downright happy and stable.

And so it wasn't a shock to learn that they are moving in together in New York. Ronnie even told us Sammi was the "girl of [his] dreams." It seems like these two might really be ready to be serious.

But is this new living arrangement a good idea, or do you think SamRon should take it even slower, given their troubled past? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Jersey Shore Season 6 will premiere on Thursday, October 4 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

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