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The Bachelorette

Michael Stagliano Teases Bachelor Pad 3 Finale: The Preview Doesn’t Tell The Real Story

Michael Stagliano wants you to watch the Bachelor Pad 3 finale, even if it means you no longer like him.

You may have seen the new promo ABC released, making it look like Michael gets into a tiff with his in-house love, Rachel Truehart. We know Rachel and Michael are no longer together in real life — and we hear that Michael now has a serious girlfriend — and we know they'll talk about it on Monday's finale. However, it's possible the preview shows Rachel getting mad at someone else and Michael making his "ugh, come on!" face about something else being said by another Padawan. Editing changes everything!

As Michael notes in his blog,

I have not seen the preview but have heard enough about it through some rather ‘colorful’ comments on Twitter to know that I may not look too good when it is over. I’ve been a part of this awesome franchise for a few years now, and all I can say is that if you look back on any previews for past seasons (‘Coming up...the most shocking twist EVER...’), sometimes what you see in preview isn’t exactly what you get, but I have willingly put myself out there on national television, so I am susceptible to scrutiny and judgment, whether you know what really happened or not. I understand this, and I hope we can all hold hands, make up, and watch together next week. There's about 7 bombs dropped in total, give or take 3.

Michael closes on a positive note, with more thanks for his friends and supporters:

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It is going to be incredible TV and while I realize there is a risk that I may lose some of you after it all goes down...If it means anything to you...I have never been this happy at this point in my life. The last 3 years have brought on a lot of heartache and a bumpy road looking for love. A lot of you have been watching along for those 3 years with kind words, love and support... From the bottom of my heart, thank you for that... and I hope your support is still there at the end of this season.

We’ll see! We can’t imagine ever not supporting Michael, but Rachel definitely deserves some girl power backing. If she’s mad at him, we may have to put her first for a while. Still love ya, man! We’re happy you’re happy!

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09.6.2012 / 05:39 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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