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The Vampire Diaries

Vampire Diaries Season 3’s Best Music Moments

Season 3 of The Vampire Diaries was pretty deadly. Even Elena (Nina Dobrev) didn’t make it. The gasp-worthy moments were punctuated by a killer soundtrack, and the weepiest scenes were consistently scored with songs that made us even more teary. Check out the top 12 music moments, and let us know if your favorite made the list.

12. Episode: Season 3, Episode 22
Song: “So What”
Artist: Pink
Music moment: Elena wakes up in a flashback, gets ready to cheerlead
Why it’s so great: Before she was Elena Gilbert, Vampire Lover, this high schoooler was just an average teen trying to break up with her BF. Pink’s “So What” captures her youthful exuberance as we got a glimpse of what might have been for Elena.
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11. Song: "Black Iron Lung"
Artist: The Gods of Macho
Music moment: Stefan’s (Paul Wesley) lady friends play Twister
Why it’s great: Oh, bad Stefan is so bad! It was fun to see The Ripper acting very Damon-esque (Ian Somerhalder).
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10. Episode: Season 3, Episode 16
Song: "The Argument"
Artist: Aidan Hawken
Music moment: Elena and Matt (Zach Roerig talk about the Salvatores; Alaric’s (Matt Davis) comes home
Why it’s great: Lest we forget, Matt plays an important role in this show. He’s more than just a human — he’s a human anchor in a supernatural world. Even though they’re discussing vampires, somehow Matt and Elena’s conversation seemed grounded in reality, and “The Argument” by Aidan Hawken helped cement that feeling.
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9. Episode: Season 3, Episode 8
Artist: James Vincent McMorrow
Song: “We Don’t Eat”
Music moment: Rebekah (Claire Holt) cries; Damon and Elena lie in bed and talk
Why it’s so great: Yes, we know vampires have feelings, too, but Rebekah had remained stoic until she learned the truth about her mother: Her own brother killed her, and the strain was too much to bear. Meanwhile, Damon and Elena had a heart-to-heart about Stefan as “We Don’t Eat” by James Vincent McMorrow played lightly in the background, the aching song highlighting just how close the two had gotten in the Ripper’s absence.
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8. Episode: Season 3, Episode 10
Song: “Holding On and Letting Go”
Artist: Ross Copperman
Music moment: Damon compels Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen); Damon and Elena kiss
Why it’s great: First, Jeremy got a chance at a normal life, even if the methods (compulsion) were dubious. Then Damon threw caution to the wind and chased the girl of his dreams. Never has a goodnight kiss on a porch had so much meaning. “Holding On and Letting Go” by Ross Copperman swirled around the pair like the cameras, wrapping their first real kiss in perfection.
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7. Episode: Season 3, Episode 13
Song: “With Wings”
Artist: Amy Stroup
Music moment: Caroline (Candice Accola begs her father not to leave her; he tells her, “This is life”
Why it’s so great: Bill Forbes was a pretty lousy father, but Caroline’s heartbreak (played beautifully by Candice Accola) made us actually feel feelings when he died. The soundtrack — Amy Stroup’s “With Wings” — was an extra twist of the knife.
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6. Episode: Season 3, Episode 7
Song: “This Woman’s Work”
Artist: Greg Laswell (covering Maxwell)
Music moment: The ghosts disappear
Why it was so great: Yes, we always love to see Grams (Jasmine Guy) being a badass witch, but it was Anna’s (Malese Jow) reunion with her mother, Pearl (Kelly Hu), that really broke our hearts. The poor vampire ghost had been alone in the dark for so long, with only Jeremy to randomly kiss when he chose to acknowledge her. Luckily, Greg Laswell’s “This Woman’s Work” covered the sounds of our sobbing.
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5. Episode: Season 3, Episode 14
Song: “Give Me Love”
Artist: Ed Sheeran
Music moment: Damon and Elena dance, Stefan and Elena dance, Caroline and Klaus dance
Why it’s great: At the Original’s ball, everyone dances with everyone. A more perfect metaphor for the show’s many love triangles than all the partner-switching that went down during “Give Me Love” by Ed Sheeran?
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4. Episode: Season 3, Episode 1
Song: "A Drop In The Ocean"
Artist: Ron Pope
Music moment: Alaric packs up, Tyler and Caroline hook up, Stefan calls Elena
Why it’s so great: It was the moment we realized — and Elena did, too — that Stefan wasn’t truly gone. It also became clear just how much of a hold she has over him. Though Elena later tells Damon he’s the one who has to bring his brother back, she was the one who kept Stefan from slipping completely over the edge in the first place.
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3. Episode: Season 3, Episode 20
Song: “Be Still”
Artist: The Fray
Music moment: Alaric says goodbye to Elena and Jeremy
Why it’s so great: How many times did we have to lose Alaric in Season 3? This was the first real goodbye, and there were no words. Literally. Everyone stood back and watched as Alaric locked himself in the tomb. “Be Still” by The Fray said it all, anyway.
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2. Episode: Season 3, Episode 19
Artist: Florence and the Machine
Song: “Never Let Me Go”
Music moment: Damon (Ian Somerhalder) takes Elena’s (Nina Dobrev) hand
Why it was so great: Delena fans waited 2 years, 7 months, and 3 days for this (at least, according to this YouTube video of the moment, which has over 2 million views). Tension effectively built! Hearts soared and swelled as Elena finally succombed to her feelings for Damon — and at least Stelena lovers got a great song like Florence and the Machine’s “Never Let Me Go” to get them through their worst nightmare.
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1. Episode: Season 3, Episode 22
Song: “Dauðalogn”
Artist: Sigur Rós
Music moment: Matt and Elena are in the car, drowning, at the end of the episode
Why it’s so great: For weeks after, we were haunted by the eerie blue water, Stefan’s frantic motions, and Elena’s calm resignation. One by one, we watched as the realization hit everyone that Elena was dead. And of course, Sigur Rós would play over Alaric’s final goodbye. Oh, hell. Now we’re crying all over again.
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