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The Bachelorette

Chris Harrison: Chris Bukowski’s Family Disappointed With His “Atrocious” Antics on Bachelor Pad 3

We love Chris Bukowski with every fiber of our being (string bikini included), but there's no denying that he was slightly devious this season. Not only did our lovely Ow-ow-ow-ski hook up with three girls, his eclectic game strategy had everyone in the house label him Public Enemy Number One. Obviously, brilliant editing made Chris come off as more BuKrazy than he is in real life, but that didn't stop Chris Harrison from throwing some shade during a recent press interview about Bachelor Pad 3's finale.

"His family was disappointed in him," Chris Harrison says. "I asked him about his behavior, because it really was atrocious. He has heard from his family and friends, everybody was really disappointed in him. I just hope it's one of those things where he learned from it, he's a young guy."

Everyone learns from their mistakes, and we have no doubt our lovely Christopher has made amends with anyone he may have slighted (cough, Jamie, cough). In other news, expect Rachel and Michael to share some heated words during the finale. "It's unfortunate," Chris Harrison admits. "You're going to see the fallout — Rachel definitely fell for Michael and he did not in return, and she feels a little used and a little played and a little violated and maybe rightfully so... It was very uncomfortable to sit there. Michael, who has come out of every situation smelling like a rose, may take a little heat for this."

Sigh, we get it Chris. You love roses.

Source: Zap2it