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Glee’s Blake Jenner as Blaine? Glee’s Casting Director Says It Almost Happened!

We’ve all grown to love Blake Jenner through The Glee Project, but could you ever picture him in the role of Blaine (Darren Criss)? Apparently, that was once a possibility!

Glee Project mentor and Glee casting director Robert Ulrich tells TV Line that Blake had actually auditioned for Glee about ten (!) different times before The Glee Project. Because Robert meets thousands of aspiring actors during the casting process, Robert only remembered having met Blake once prior to The Glee Project which was during his audition for Blaine Anderson.

Yes, it’s hard to picture anyone but Darren Criss as Blaine, but Blake auditioned for the role with three songs when “he was right from Florida, just turned 18.” Blake then returned to audition for a slew of other roles, including a football player named Sando (who?) and get this! Mercedes(Amber Riley) Season 3 boyfriend Shane. So Sam and Blake could have been fighting for the same girl!

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Robert acknowledges that, halfway through this season of Glee Project, he “thought for sure a girl would win,” especially since three males had already won last season. However, he says that Ryan Murphy’s utmost concern heading into Season 4 was finding a replacement for Finn, and that according to Ryan, finding “a masculine, good-looking guy who can sing and act is so tough.” Hence, Blake. (Sidenote: Also, this guy. Just sayin’...)

Blake has said in the past that he wishes he could have showcased more of his sense of humor on Glee Project, and Robert agrees that Blake can be quite the cut-up. “He’s one of the funniest comedians I’ve ever seen,” Robert says. “It puts him into that Ryan Reynolds category, the good-looking guy who can be funny, which there aren’t a lot of.” Talk about high praise!

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And if you’re still irate that Nellie Veitenheimer was cut so darn quickly from the show, Robert feels your pain. “I was devastated when Nellie went,” Robert says. He even refers to Nellie’s voice as “one of my favorite voices ever, period,” and says, “I just love, love, love the tone of her voice.” Wow! Unfortunately, Robert acknowledges that she was let go because she had trouble acting as part of a larger group.

Sounds like Robert needs to give Nellie a second chance and let her audition for a part on the show, dontcha think?

Source: TV Line

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